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Doug Altman, Aseem Malhotra, Emily Sena
Peter Wilmshurst & Trish Groves

The Research Integrity Question Time will cover integrity in clinical, academic and animal research.  The audience will hear from an advocate in each sector setting the scene and generating questions for the bigger debate.  Audience questions will be collected throughout the day at the registration desk and via twitter.  These will be filtered by the session chair Fiona Godlee to ensure an appropriate balance of debate.

Doug Altman is chief statistical advisor to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), where he is a member of the editorial “hanging committee”, and co-convenor of the statistical Methods Group of the Cochrane Collaboration.  Regarded as a leading authority on the execution and reporting of health research,[3] Doug has played a leading role in establishing better standards. He is one of the co-founders of the international EQUATOR health research reliability network, and a member of the CONSORT Group since 1999, a group dedicated to offering a standardised way for researchers to report trials. He is also one of the original authors of the IDEAL framework for improving surgical research.[4]

Peter Wilmshurst has investigated and reported research misconduct for more than 30 years. As a result he has had to defend legal threats and libel claims from academic institutions, pharmaceutical and medical device corporations and individual researchers. He was awarded the annual Health Watch Award in 2003 “for courage in challenging misconduct in medical research”. He was the first recipient of the BMJ Editors Award in 2012 “for persistence and courage in speaking truth to power.” He is a consultant cardiologist at the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

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