NooCube Review: Ingredients, Benefits, and Side Effects

Is NooCube worth all the buzz as a nootropic that boosts cognitive performance, mental energy, memory, and motivation?

NooCube Review: Ingredients, Benefits, and Side Effects

NooCube is one of the most prevalent nootropics on the market for anybody looking to improve cognitive function.

It boasts a brimming nutrient profile that contains all-natural ingredients, essential nutrients, and nootropic compounds.

Our comprehensive review will determine whether this nootropic stack containing seven ingredients, without the use of caffeine or other stimulants, is as potent as the claims seem to show.


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NooCube is an excellent nootropic that amplifies your cognitive performance and mental energy to improve brain function without adding stimulants to its composition.

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    What is NooCube?

    NooCube is a natural nootropic brain booster that utilizes a synergistic blend to achieve powerful outcomes.

    The makers of NooCube, Wolfson Brands, claim that the manufacturing process is carried out in FDA-approved facilities and regularly tested for safety and high-quality ingredients.

    In addition, NooCube only uses natural ingredients, and the bottle indicates the dosage of all the active ingredients included in a serving of the product.

    What is NooCube

    NooCube brain booster is specifically designed for enhancing cognitive functions using the perfect blend of amino acids, brain vitamins, and other components.

    They also detail claims of mental clarity, reduced stress, better memory, and the elimination of brain fog and back those claims by promoting a money-back guarantee.

    The synergistic blend uses established nootropics like Alpha-GPC, Bacopa monnieri, amino acids L-theanine and L-tyrosine, and other proven all-natural ingredients to yield various balanced benefits to support brain health.

    This makes it a unique and well-rounded dietary supplement.

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    How Does NooCube Work?

    NooCube promotes a healthy brain by balancing chemistry relating to cognition. The ingredients offer positive results for neurotransmitters in the brain, like acetylcholine, dopamine, and serotonin.

    The ingredients used in NooCube also offer anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant action that protects the brain, which prevents decline caused by age, fatigue, and other elements.

    In our experience, the substances in the nootropic supplement work very well, as each one is responsible for something specific in the NooCube formula.

    The product uses vitamins and naturally occurring nootropic compounds to support brain health while balancing chemical levels in the brain. The result is well-rounded efficacy for every aspect of brain health.

    What Are The Benefits of NooCube?

    NooCube offers several benefits that users find enticing, and our review would not be complete without highlighting the proven benefits of the brain supplement.

    NooCube benefits and effects

    Improves Memory and Learning Ability

    NooCube ingredients offer improvements in learning and memory in multiple ways. Some compounds found in the product, like Huperzine A and Bacopa monnieri, are associated with improved memory recall and information retention.

    This makes it much easier to access memories from the depths of your brain, which also means that learning abilities are enhanced.

    Other components of the NooCube supplement indirectly influence learning and memory. For example, the boost to mental clarity helps users make the most out of the information that they consume.

    This makes it easier to transfer learned material into memory formation, resulting in better memory retention and preventing memory issues related to age and mental fatigue.

    Finally, some NooCube ingredients that encourage tranquility can also improve memory and information retrieval by targeting the learning neurotransmitter GABA.

    Not only does it make better use of brain functions, but it also allows learning and memory to be undistracted by stress, cloudy thinking, and massive fluctuation of energy levels.

    Enhances Focus and Concentration

    Many people have trouble concentrating and focusing, especially throughout a long workday. Taking NooCube formula can help to keep the brain running optimally and enhance focus using numerous pathways.

    The composition of NooCube increases blood flow to the brain, which ensures balanced cognitive functions instead of a roller coaster of intense mental focus and distracted brain power.

    Including Oat Straw is excellent to boost mental speed that eliminates low focus and allows the mind to reach higher concentration levels without giving in to distraction.

    Not only that, but the NooCube nootropic supplement also makes the information we process more enjoyable, thereby making it easier to remain attentive and sharp.

    Often, we struggle to maintain concentration and focus because of brain fatigue and stress.

    L-theanine and L-tyrosine both work together for improved mental focus, making it easier to concentrate, think clearly, and avoid negative thought distractions caused by anxiety and ADHD.

    Improves Cognitive Functions

    The unique combination using many nootropics offers an optimal and significant gain for enhancing cognitive function. The profound outcomes improve new nerve growth and connections between neural connections.

    In addition, NooCube can help repair damaged neurons and prevent the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. The result is a powerful solution for cognitive impairment and cognitive decline that allows us to keep our mental faculties healthy and centered.

    The best aspect of taking NooCube is that it takes every element for overall cognitive benefits.

    For example, the synergistic effects of antioxidants, like Cat’s Claw, and nootropics, including Alpha-GPC, provide qualities that enhance cognition on every level. This creates a well-rounded brain booster for people of all ages who search for nootropics for any reason.

    One of the commonly overlooked health benefits of the NooCube is the improvement of communication skills.

    The beneficial outcomes make it easier for thoughts to flow rapidly through the brain and improve cognition processes like cerebral categorizing, factual analysis, and logical synthesis.

    Enhances Mood and Motivation

    NooCube is also known for improving brain power and mental health in several ways.

    First, taking NooCube is often associated with a better state of mind that can help to ease anxiety and depression and uplift mood.

    The balancing of neurotransmitters can also help with sleep, brain fog, and mental clarity that can help you stay mindful, positive, and high functioning.

    Second, as a well-rounded brain supplement, NooCube is also effective for brain productivity and motivation.

    It can promote a productive perspective that allows you to increase output and improve the quality of work. So even when you feel like sleeping in, NooCube works to boost ambition and make you feel optimistic about productivity and confidence.

    The mood and motivation boost provides the ability to make it through the morning and the rest of the day with ease.

    Therefore, for anyone from older people to students, the effectiveness helps with task completion, processing and mental speed, and eliminating fatigue and sluggishness.

    Boosts Mental Energy

    Taking NooCube can increase mental energy levels to feel awake and alert even without caffeine.

    Since these impacts are created by influencing underlying brain function, the results are long-lasting, natural, and profound. This can help you take control of mental fatigue and help brain productivity for hours.

    Unlike other brain function boosters, NooCube contains zero stimulant drugs yet still enhances mental focus and increases mental energy substantially without risk of potentially severe side effects.

    Plus, it reduces the anxiety that often impedes mental acuity and energetic effects. The effectiveness for vitality also corresponds with better outcomes for every aspect of cognitive abilities that happens when you take NooCube.

    Finally, some NooCube ingredients reduce inflammation or damage caused by free radicals. In doing so, these components reduce those issues’ impact on brain health. As a result, reducing inflammation in the brain generates more sustained vitality.

    NooCube Ingredients

    NooCube contains only natural ingredients backed by scientific evidence for healthful properties.

    This nootropics stack includes herbs, amino acids, and B vitamins. Also, it is gluten-free, caffeine-free, and GMO-free.

    NooCube ingredients

    So, let’s review the active ingredient list and benefits for cognitive abilities.

    Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC)

    Alpha GPC is on the top of the NooCube ingredients listed on the bottle. This brain supplement is well-known to act as a direct precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain.


    Adequate acetylcholine levels help with concentration and are also associated with solving problems.

    The compound Alpha-GPC also offers neuroprotective properties that assist long-term brain health by helping synapses grow to increase cerebral plasticity. It may also help improve the state of mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

    Clinical studies also show that taking Alpha GPC helps to improve memory formation and retention (1).

    This correlates with better learning abilities, reduced slow thought processes, and improved stamina and endurance that enhance cognitive function effectively.

    NooCube contains 50 mg alpha GPC per serving.

    Huperzine A

    Huperzine A is another popular staple in many supplements often associated with improving memory issues and a natural alternative to prescription medication.

    Huperzine A

    This cognitive enhancer is also often paired with the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain as it assists with signaling and communication between brain cells.

    Studies show that dietary supplements that use this compound can improve acetylcholine levels in both human and animal studies, which can help the growth of neuronal brain cells in the hippocampus, resulting in excellent memory and information processing.

    The outcomes are so profound that Huperzine A has been used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and dementia patients with mixed results (2).

    Even though the same benefits seem aplenty and promising, this ingredient is often necessary to cycle. However, when used correctly, it may help prevent brain cell death, which contribute to cognitive decline.

    You can find 20 mg Huperzine A in NooCube capsules per serving.

    Uncaria tomentosa (Cat’s Claw)

    The antioxidant potential in NooCube comes from its uncaria tomentosa content, better known as Cat’s Claw.

    Uncaria tomentosa

    Cat’s Claw targets free radicals in the body, reduce their adverse impact and protects nerve cells. When combined with other substances, this may even help repair damaged neurons.

    Cat’s Claw activity helps with repairing and protects cell damage, which translates into preserving cognitive function even in advanced ages.

    In addition, research shows it may also be suitable for the immune system and can help ward off infection.

    Cat’s Claw is also known to prevent or treat inflamed anatomy, promote cerebral circulation, and reduce the formation of plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (3).

    Finally, it may also help with cerebral function, restful sleep, positive outlook, and stress levels.

    There is 175 mg of Cat’s Claw extract in a serving of NooCube capsules.

    Bacopa Monnieri

    Bacopa monnieri is one of the most popular ingredients found in many nootropic products. This ancient plant holds a long history of anecdotal use and many scientific studies to back these claims.

    Bacopa monnieri

    On one level, it is most often associated with superior mental intensity by improving spatial processing, information retention, and improving concentration levels.

    Top neuroscientists have studied extensively the herb for the outcomes of acute clarity, as it can strengthen attention by promoting clear thinking and exceptional memory recall (4).

    On another level, Bacopa monnieri is highly prized for its anti-anxiety properties in stressful situations. Bacopa monnieri extract enhances blood flow to the brain to prevent cerebral impairment caused by worry and tension and foster a happy mindset.

    Alongside these significant features, it is also known for fighting cellular damage, managing ADHD symptoms, regulating inflammatory response, and lowering blood pressure.

    This balances out other supplements and ingredients for all-encompassing results to improve cognition.

    A NooCube serving provides a substantial 250 mg of Bacopa monnieri.

    Oat Straw

    Oat Straw is a natural dietary supplement plant with a distinct action to enhance focus and mental function shortly after supplementation.

    Oat straw

    It is sourced from wild green oats and contains antioxidants with anti-inflammation properties beneficial for mental health, cognition, and physical health.

    Studies show Oat Straw produces its nootropic results faster than many other brain supplements. Mental speed improves brain function, reducing mental sluggishness, and improving concentration and focus.

    In addition, Oat Straw extract is believed to act as a vasodilator, which increases blood flow to the brain and alpha brain waves. When this occurs, the body and mind become calm and better focused (5).

    Besides that, it offers features for mental clarity, proper balance in mindset, and comfortable relaxation.

    There is 150 mg of Oat Straw in every NooCube serving.


    This amino acid found in green tea is the building block of proteins that works as a natural relaxant that can cross the blood-brain barrier.


    Once in the bloodstream, the potent amino acid helps protect neuron connections from over-stimulation and evens out any changes associated with brain function stimulation.

    Unlike many other products that encourage tranquility, l-theanine does so without causing fatigue or negatively impacting mental function (6).

    Most brain supplements typically pair l-theanine with caffeine to achieve synergic effects (7).

    However, NooCube is caffeine-free, which leaves l-theanine to fully increase alpha brain waves and use the relaxant properties to eliminate the stress, that can cloud our thought process and contribute to fogginess.

    Theanine offers synergy with other components included in NooCube to enhance cognitive function while reducing potential side effects on the state of mind.

    NooCube capsules provide 100 mg of l-theanine in every serving.


    L-tyrosine, another amino acid contained in NooCube, actively promotes the production of dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline.


    These are essential chemicals needed to drive motivation, emotional regulation, cerebral circulation, and muscle recovery.

    Studies show that L-tyrosine helps naturally improve drive and attention span by constantly replenishing neurotransmitter reserves and preventing their depletion.

    As a result, it enables you to stay more alert and focused longer but without feeling burned out (8).

    Also, L-tyrosine may influence attention span well enough to be a potential treatment option for ADHD, although more clinical trials are necessary to come to a solid conclusion.

    It builds better resilience to stress that can cause poor attention and mental endurance. The results are compounded to increase mental energy that is long-lasting and powerful.

    These effects and other ingredients enhance cerebral capacity in most people and are proven to work well in combination with vitamin B, also found in NooCube.

    There is 250 mg of L-tyrosine in every NooCube serving of capsules.


    According to clinical trials, Pterostilbene is an antioxidant ingredient with high bioavailability that may also offer effects to improve brain function (9).


    The nutritional substance protects and provides wide-ranging effectiveness to many problems, including regulating blood sugar and insulin resistance that can help prevent or treat diabetes.

    It has qualities commonly associated with nootropic substances for improving mental clarity and memory.

    In addition, Pterostilbene has neuroprotective features and stimulates mental output to fulfill the NooCube claim it helps to prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

    Neuroscientists claim it may treat and protect against conditions like Alzheimer’s disease in older people.

    While the treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is complex, this potential is promising. It may help recuperate intellect and memory function in those who suffer from a cognitive decline in conscious awareness.

    Every serving of NooCube capsules provides 140 mcg of Pterostilbene.


    Resveratrol is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in grapes, slowly gaining popularity as a nootropic.


    Some research shows this ingredient controls the inflammatory response, boosts dopamine levels, helps reverse a decline in awareness, recollection, and other critical abilities in many situations (10).

    The highest resveratrol concentrations are found in the skin and seeds of grapes used to make red wine.

    Top neuroscientists believe that the substance may effectively prevent neurodegenerative diseases and recuperate damaged neurons.

    In addition, it seems to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential that may prevent plaque formation in mind, such as in disease symptoms from things like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

    And while all this is highly promising, it does not have good bioavailability, limiting its use as a supplement.

    However, combining it with other nootropics in a single brain supplement like NooCube may help prevent and treat a decline in age-related cognitive enhancement.

    A single serving of capsules of NooCube yields 14.3 mg of resveratrol.

    Vitamins B1, B7, B12

    B Vitamins are vital for good health, and their inclusion in the formula can support the effectiveness of the other substances in NooCube.

    Vitamins B1, B7, B12

    Vitamins B1, B7, and B12 are necessary for energetic feelings and can help you sustain clear awareness, vitality, and physical figure. However, the most essential is their impact on brain cells because they are required to grow cells.

    They can protect against oxidative damage caused by free radicals and help fight disease and illness.

    This is a critical feature since various conditions dampen mental abilities and make improving memory tests and scores harder.

    It becomes much harder to achieve the desired effects of taking NooCube when you do not meet complete nutritional requirements.

    Each NooCube serving provides 1.1 mg Vitamin B1, 50 mcg B7, and 2.5 mcg B12.

    Noocube Reviews: What Do Users Say?

    Most users in NooCube reviews say it takes the supplement around 30-45 minutes to work, with effects lasting for about 8-10 hours.

    From our experience, the most significant results are usually felt between 1 and 3 hours, and outcomes last for a few hours after that.

    Many user reviews report their experience with this supplement as positive, enabling them to focus better on specific tasks and perform in a way to increase cognitive function test scores.

    In addition, NooCube customer reviews highlight the ambition and motivation that it provides and the lack of stimulating substances that make side effects a rare occurrence among real users.

    Few users say that some side effects can be experienced primarily because of NooCube’s Huperzine content, which can be resolved with cycling. Taking precautions can prevent any side effects or react negatively.

    Entirely negative NooCube reviews are not common, but some people complain about the price or believe it works best when combined with other drugs or compounds.

    How To Take NooCube Supplement?

    NooCube is available only in capsule form, and like other nootropics, the optimal dosage can vary from one person to the next.

    However, manufacturers have a recommended dose, and you can start at the lower end to see how this product affects you over a more extended period.

    It is recommended to take the NooCube doses in the morning to help you get on the right track with motivation.


    The recommended dosage for adults to use NooCube is to take 2 capsules per day during the morning with breakfast for best results.

    If you feel that two capsules don’t work as intended, you can then up your dose from three to a maximum of four capsules per day, but no more.

    However, if you don’t want to take it early in the morning, you should still avoid taking it late in the day because the results will be more noticeable when you are productive, according to many reviews.

    Does NooCube Have Side Effects?

    Our experience mostly shows that taking NooCube does not present any severe side effects, and it safely supports neural communication.

    However, when some side effects are experienced, they are primarily caused by the Huperzine component.

    It can lead to a gradual buildup of levels of acetylcholine, which may present problems like headaches, impaired mental focus, mood, and some confusion.

    They are not related to any severe safety problems, though, and are often associated with the dose being too high. For this reason, stacks containing Huperzine A should not be used continuously but cycled instead.

    NooCube needs to be cycled given its Huperzine content. However, this can take away from the effects of Bacopa monnieri, which needs to be used continuously to yield the most powerful impact.

    Also, it is recommended only for adults and children should not take NooCube.

    Where To Buy NooCube?

    NooCube is available for purchase from the brand’s official website only.

    The manufacturer being a UK-based company, the product is shipped worldwide from there and may take one to three weeks for delivery, depending on where you order from.


    One bottle of NooCube contains 60 capsules and costs $59.99 on the official website at the time of writing. This is more affordable than the retail price of $74.99.

    If you take it at the recommended dose of 2 capsules of NooCube per serving, the bottle will last you for 30 days, making it a reasonably cost-worthy purchase.

    The official website also offers bundles where you can purchase two bottles of NooCube and get one free for $119.99, the retail price is at $224.97, or pay for three bottles and get another three free for $179.99 otherwise retailing at $449.94.

    If you are not satisfied with the product or experience negative results, the makers of NooCube offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, and shipping is free worldwide.

    This means there is little to no risk to you if you decide to buy NooCube as long as it doesn’t work for you as intended.

    The 60-day money-back guarantee on the official website even covers bottles that users have opened, something few manufacturers offer.

    To receive the money-back guarantee, you have to return all unopened bottles to the supplier, and they will refund the cost to buy NooCube.

    The higher price is a usual limitation for some people, but NooCube is worth it for the verified outcomes, desirable consequences, and natural composition.


    Overall, NooCube brain booster works as intended, and it is a nootropic product that contains several scientifically backed ingredients proven to boost mental functions with high effectiveness.

    It is an excellent option if you dislike taking stimulant drugs and caffeine for similar outcomes. The natural stack is safe and unlikely to cause any adverse reactions or side effects.

    As a result, we recommend NooCube for people who want to improve their mental performance, enhance cognition and memory function, solidify communication skills, or solve problems with multitasking.

    Our review shows why this nootropic stack stands out with its honest transparency and proven results, making it one of the best nootropic solutions on the market.


    4.9/5 Our rating

    Best deal


    Providing balanced brain support, NooCube is a safe and effective cognitive enhancer to get a jolt of energy to improve production and motivation while promoting a positive mindset with no associated stimulant risks.

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    • Only utilizes research-based nootropics
    • Synergetic effects for a wide range of results
    • Completely natural stack without containing caffeine
    • Label transparency and lab tested for safety and quality


    • Can be more expensive than some alternatives
    • Only available on the official website