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Steven Roberts, PhD

Medical Expert — Founder

Doctor Steven Roberts has dedicated his life to scientific research of nootropics, neuroscience, cognitive enhancement, and mental health.

About & Experience

Doctor Steven Roberts is a certified clinical psychologist and has received his PhD degree in 1992.

He takes pride in the excellence of his research into nootropics and neuroscience. He uses his area of expertise to develop innovative ideas on studying mental health concerning cognitive nutritional enhancement.

However, he always felt that his research wasn't doing enough for those who really needed it.

This is why he decided to develop a private practice to dive headfirst into mental and behavioral health issues resulting from substance use, burnout, and mental and physical fatigue.

It didn't take long for him to discover that this was his true calling. He believes that mental health and cognition are intertwined in a complex way and uses this belief to help his clients achieve wellness.

Now, Doctor Roberts wants to provide readers of EvidenceLive with insights and knowledge that he has gained through his years of meticulous and passionate research.

He feels that the website provides the necessary knowledge to those who do not have access to extensive scientific journals and articles.

Furthermore, he wants to spread his expertise in an easy-to-read, highly understandable way that stems from his struggles with anxiety that began when he was a young child.

Doctor Roberts likes to read Sci-Fi novels and collects WWI memorabilia in his free time. He also likes puzzles, games, and other cognitive exercises and believes in training the mind for greatness.