The Best Choline Supplement (Nootropic Source) — Top Brands of 2023

Harness the potential of choline to give your mind and body a boost.

The Best Choline Supplement (Nootropic Source)

Among supplements, choline is a well-known compound that offers a plethora of benefits for wholesome health. For example, choline improves cognitive function, promotes liver health, and bolsters fetal brain development.

In a nootropic capacity, the most significant benefit of choline supplements is seen on brain health regarding acetylcholine production to preserve memory and cognition while enhancing mental clarity.

When dwindling choline levels go unnoticed, it can lead to several health complications. A choline deficiency could also snowball into severe health problems later on, making it essential to maintain adequate levels.

7 Best Choline Supplements On The Market

  1. Mind Lab Pro
  2. NooCube
  3. Jarrow Formulas Citicoline
  4. Double Wood Supplements Alpha-GPC
  5. Thorne Research Phosphatidyl Choline
  6. NusaPure Choline Bitartrate
  7. Now Foods Choline & Inositol

Best Choline Supplement Stack Overall

The best choline supplement stack will use a quality choline source that meets all expectations with ease, and here is our top recommendation.

Best choline stack

#1 Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is an univeral nootropic that provides trustworthy choline support against memory loss, brain fog, depression, and anxiety while preserving liver health.

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Mind Lab Pro is a plant-based choline supplement that ensures optimal performance on every level.

This nootropic stack focuses on brain enhancement and exercise performance, as it provides a solid dose of choline paired with other highly effective ingredients.

It provides 250 mg of Citicoline, in a patented form called Cognizin, that comes without any stimulants to fire up cognitive functioning.

The product contains 60 capsules, enough for two months’ supply. Mind Lab Pro presents no side effects with all its ingredients gathered from all-natural sources.


  • Uses 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Gluten and allergen-free


  • It does not stack well with other nootropics

Best Choline Supplement For Memory

The addition of choline to any supplement stack has an instant effect on memory and focus, and our following product is no exception. Boosting choline and its associated health benefits, you are sure to feel the effects kick in with continued use.

Best Choline For Memory

#2 NooCube

Combining potent ingredients into a safe and pure formula, NooCube is a stellar choice for achieving balanced cognitive support and preventing age-related mental decline.

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NooCube is a quality smart drug and natural choline supplement. Wolfson Berg manufactures this smart drug considering the concerns that arise out of a choline deficiency.

The form of choline this NooCube uses is Alpha GPC which acts as a direct precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and assists neuronal signaling.

This premium stack delivers 50 mg of Alpha GPC per serving, combined with other intelligently selected ingredients.

It assists brain function by offering neuroprotective properties, improving concentration, attention, mood, and intelligence.

The 60-capsule bottle is designed for 1 month of supply, and in case of being dissatisfied, you can also claim your money back.


  • Uses well-researched nutrients
  • A reliable brand
  • GMO and gluten-free option


  • Not suitable for vegans

Best Citicoline (CDP-Choline) Supplement

CDP-choline (citicoline) is the gold standard when it comes to the best choline supplements. With levels naturally declining with age, adequate choline intake will prevent choline deficiencies and their associated aftereffects.

Jarrow Formulas Citicoline
Best Citicoline

#3 Jarrow Formulas Citicoline

This CDP choline-based formula does everything it promises by supporting the brains’ structural integrity, cognitive functions, and mental performance.

Jarrow Formulas Citicoline supports brain function by boosting the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It also works on other neurotransmitters, including dopamine and norepinephrine.

With 250 mg of citicoline in each pill, this supplement is also lauded to support brain energy metabolism, reduce brain fog, and improve attention in healthy adults and adolescents.


  • Offers age-related cognitive support
  • Easy to take gelatin capsules
  • Positive consumer feedback


  • Not recommended for lactating or pregnant women
  • May cause insomnia

Best Alpha-GPC Capsules

Alpha-GPC is a high-profile choline source that boasts impressive claims like cognitive enhancer, neuroprotective agent, and ergogenic aid. If these are features you are looking for, take a look at our following nootropic recommendation.

Double Wood Supplements Alpha-GPC
Best Alpha-GPC

#4 Double Wood Supplements Alpha-GPC

These Alpha-GPC choline capsules provide an excellent opportunity for choline users looking for a more moderate potency choline supplement that helps with focus, attention, and energy.

Double Wood Supplements boasts a popular Alpha-GPC product designed for optimal cognitive support.

With dedicated microbes and high-level metals eradicated capsules filled in every single bottle, this Alpha-GPC formulation is an excellent choice for first-time choline supplement consumers.

This supplement is packed with 600 mg of this superior bioavailable choline variant that beats the competition by a mile.

People with demanding or hectic schedules will find this product to help improve their busy lifestyles.


  • No binders, flavors, or unknown substances
  • Suitable for beginners
  • One bottle lasts for a month


  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians
  • Not recommended for nursing or pregnant women

Best Phosphatidylcholine Supplement

Harnessing the power of choline and soy lecithin, phosphatidylcholine delivers a power-packed boost of cognition and energy levels. And our next product manages to capture this essence in just the right combination.

Thorne Research Phosphatidyl Choline
Best Phosphatidylcholine

#5 Thorne Research Phosphatidyl Choline

A great choice for people looking for a choline supplement to strengthen and protect their liver from toxic liver damage.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is all about preserving liver health. This choline source is known to protect liver cells from toxic liver damage, and Thorne Research seems to have perfected its formula for this exact purpose.

The supplement also helps maintain cholesterol levels, promotes healthy bile flow, and even promises effective weight management.

Packed with 420 mg of phosphatidylcholine in each gel cap, this supplement is an excellent pick for daily use to reinvigorate and repair your body from the inside out.


  • Non-GMO, gluten, and allergen-free
  • Uses quality raw materials
  • Multiple testing sets done for the product


  • Contains bovine gelatin
  • Gelcaps too large to swallow easily
  • Contains soy

Best Choline Bitartrate Supplement

Are you looking to reclaim your gut health most optimally? Then why not take a look at our next recommended choline supplement to get you started right.

NusaPure Choline Bitartrate
Best Choline Bitartrate

#6 NusaPure Choline Bitartrate

NusaPure’s Choline Bitartrate is an optimum choice as an everyday use quality choline supplement given its unmatched vegetarian and gluten-free construction for a cognitive boosting impact.

With NusaPure manufacturers packing a premium 650 mg of choline bitrate per serving in their formulas, you get everything you need for improving cognitive development, cellular efficacy, and healthy metabolism.

This choline bitartrate supplement also comes with a pure cellulose-based capsule containing salts and nutrients like silica and magnesium stearate.

These nutrients boost overall cognitive functions and play an essential role in regulating the digestive pathway of the body.


  • Cellulose-based capsule for effective digestion
  • Non-GMO and allergen-free


  • Not the most bioavailable choline form
  • It doesn’t present results for everyone

Best Choline and Inositol Combo

A dynamic duo with immense nootropic value, the choline and inositol combo works to preserve the integrity and functioning of cell membranes. Finally, our last nootropics choice makes you satisfied.

Now Foods Choline & Inositol
Best Choline and Inositol

#7 Now Foods Choline & Inositol

With a more nerve-oriented impact, Now Foods Choline & Inositol is a success story for delivering choline needs for nervous system regulation.

Two compounds that were considered b-vitamins now make the key ingredients in a supplement effective for optimal nervous system health.

This supplement offers multifaceted assistance for synaptic and nerve transmission, fatty acid metabolism, promotes healthy mental and nervous systems.

With 250 mg of each ingredient per serving, anyone looking to revamp nervous system functionality should surely give this supplement a try.


  • Suitable for adults and children over 16


  • It comes with a fishy odor
  • May cause headaches
  • Side effects are reported

How We Decide The Best Pick: What to Look For?

Not all choline supplements are created equal. To get the best outcome, the chosen form of choline needs to be very effective at crossing the blood-brain barrier.

This makes it instantly more available at doing its job in the brain. That being said, let’s take a look at what makes a choline supplement the right one in its category.

Here are different types to consider when choosing the best choline type for you.

Types of Choline Supplements

There are several types of choline supplements available on the market. This variety caters to different needs, with some being more beneficial than others.

Supplements are available in pill form, including capsules and tablets as well as a powdered substance.

Nootropic Stacks

A nootropic stack can best be defined as a combination of different cognitive enhancing nutrients. The most significant benefit of a stack is that it combines effective cholinergic compounds for optimal results.

This also yields more health benefits than a single ingredient. Generally, stacks can use between 2-3 compounds, but complex ones can have way more.


Citicoline is a form of choline that is a superior alternative to other types. Products containing citicoline are best used for the benefits of improving cognition, fighting fatigue, and regulating mood.

Citicoline is also suitable for people looking to protect the brain from harmful agents.

However, it is not recommended for pregnant women given its side effects, including insomnia, chest pains, diarrhea, and other such considerations (1).


Alpha-GPC is one of the most beneficial types of choline. It works wonders with its positive influence on enhancing memory, warding off fatigue, and improving mood.

It’s also prevalent among people looking to boost their athletic performance, strength, and stamina. While Alpha-GPC is pretty effective as a standalone compound, its nootropic value enhances when used with other supplements (2).


Among other types of choline, phosphatidylcholine is easily present in everyday products. It is found in food sources like eggs, soybeans, and mustard.

Typically used to provide cognitive assistance, this choline type can also help with liver functioning, keep cholesterol in check, and help dissolve gallstones (3).

Foods containing lecithin, such as eggs, are good PC sources, while choline supplements typically use soy lecithin in their formulations.

On its own, lecithin is needed for nutrient emulsification and absorption and complements choline in its mechanism to transport fats through the bloodstream.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline bitartrate boasts the highest number when it comes to choline density. Carrying a massive 41% choline content, this choline form may have the most choline but isn’t the most bioavailable.

These choline supplements are best used for improving liver function.

Choline bitartrate works well for people suffering from choline deficiencies and as a treatment for fatty liver disease, but may not be the best alternative when looking for cognitive benefits (4).

Supplements using this type of choline are the least expensive when compared to other choline forms.

Inositol and Choline Combined

Inositol is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in food sources like beans, grains, nuts, and fruits. The body can also produce it from carbs included in the diet.

Its functions in the body include: supporting the integrity of cell membranes, transporting fats from the liver, and activating serotonin receptors.

Its physiological roles are essential for diabetes, imbalanced cholesterol, and mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

When combined with choline, the two present similar effects for building cell membranes and regulating cellular activity.

Using them together can help you enhance brain function, given their complementary mechanism of promoting PC production in the body.

They are generally considered safe and do not have many drawbacks, but overuse and using without professional recommendations can cause nausea, heart disease, dizziness, and low blood pressure.


One of the most common concerns regarding choline supplementation is its effectiveness.

Evidence shows that choline supplements do work though some are better at certain aspects than others.

Different types of choline are excellent for physical and endurance benefits and hard to beat from the perspective of cognitive advancement.

Because of that, we review each choline type carefully to advise the one correctly for its uses, strong points, and limitations.

When we use dietary supplements, they nourish the body with fuel to metabolize choline and synthesize acetylcholine.


Choline supplements are commonly used to improve cognitive function, boost memory and attention, improve brain health, and provide fatty liver support.

People also commonly report in reviews that they are experiencing improvements in exercise performance after adding choline to their diet.

With adequate choline supplementation, people can experience the benefits of choline intake to improve their memory, thinking, and learning abilities.

In addition, proper choline intake also aims to prevent choline deficiencies and their associated risks, such as fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

In this condition, when your body has a choline deficiency, your veins get blocked by fat in the liver, causing complications.

A choline deficiency may not always present such apparent symptoms, so consult with your doctor if you may benefit from using choline supplements.


The purity of choline supplements depends on what goes inside the supplement.

Among these, you will find that top-tier supplements will not have any additives, preservatives, or other fillers to compromise their efficacy and potency.

Undergoing third-party testing and customer reviews can also help gauge the purity, potency, and composition of different products.


Choline supplement prices can vary significantly over brands. It also depends on the types of choline used within the compound.

For instance, citicoline being chemically synthesized is among more expensive choline forms than choline, which is easily isolated from standard food products like eggs and soybeans.

While standalone choline products prices are not too extravagant, nootropics stacks will cost more.

This is because stacks have more compounds in them, which is why the price is higher, but it also improves the effectiveness.


Foods like meat, beef liver, fish, poultry, and eggs should be the first way to add choline into your diet, but supplements are your next best solution when you feel you need more.

All the choline supplements carefully selected in our list are the favorite picks, with one supplement surpassing the others easily.

We are confident to recommend Mind Lab Pro as the best choline supplement that you can get as it caters to all aspects of cognition and heart health with optimal doses for the best results.

Its all-inclusive composition makes it easy to take for everyone regardless of age and health considerations, and it is widely accepted as one of the safest supplements to use. No other product on the market can boast of so many positives in one stack.