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Ben Goldacre & Peter Davidson

Communicating Healthcare Findings to Inform All
09:30 Wednesday June 20th 


Peter Davidson – Evidence for decision-makers
I will discuss the issues people have when dealing with health research evidence and how independent disseminating groups can help with this.  On the one hand, there is too much research for anyone to handle, with much of it unreliable and irrelevant.  On the other hand, people using, delivering or managing health services are very keen to use research evidence, particularly to help with some of their trickiest problems.  Managers seem more comfortable than researchers in dealing with imperfect or ‘good-enough’ research; is this a reasonable approach and can groups who critically appraise and disseminate research help?  I will talk about our approaches to selecting research for dissemination and how to present its implications, reliability and relevance to audiences who are often more accustomed, in the UK at least, to reading guidelines than research results.

Ben Goldacre – “That sounds interesting.  But what are you actually working on?”
It is vitally important that we invest in clinical trials and other primary research. But that is not enough on its own. All too often, dissemination and implementation are regarded as bolt-ons, poor cousins, or even hobbies. This talk will aim to address that shortcoming.


Peter is director of the NIHR Dissemination Centre and an honorary consultant in public health. Previously he also worked in general practice. He has extensive experience of applied health research through senior roles in NIHR, mostly in the Health Technology Assessment programme. He has a particular interest in clinical trials and systematic reviews, and their application to clinical and public health decision-making. @pdavidsonhealth ‏

Ben is a doctor, academic, campaigner, and best-selling author. He trained in medicine at Oxford and UCL, in psychiatry at the Maudsley, and in epidemiology at LSHTM. His academic and policy work is in epidemiology and evidence based medicine, where he works on various problems around health informatics, variation in care, better uses of routinely collected electronic health data, access to clinical trial data, efficient trial design, and retracted papers.

July 15 - 17 2019
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