EvidenceLive, a website dedicated to researching how nootropics work for better mental health, has partnered with the project WeStopHate.

WeStopHate.org was more than just an anti-bullying program. It’s a call-to-action to stop hate:

  • stop hating on yourself,
  • stop hating on others,
  • stop letting others hate on you.

WeStopHate is dedicated to raising self-esteem in teens (teen-esteem) through various social media platforms that engage teens to help each other gain confidence.

Why? Because teens who are happy with themselves won’t put others down. Stopping bullying means ending the lifelong mental disorders and painful consequences that each victim suffers. Raising teen-esteem creates a better world for us all.

With this partnership, we can better share our knowledge about nootropics and how they can help with many mental disorders, like depression and anxiety, caused by bullying.

The team at EvidenceLive will continue to research the latest nootropic supplements and publish their findings on the website so that anyone who knows someone being bullied can read about how these supplements may help.

We are excited about this opportunity with EvidenceLive because there is so much misinformation out there about the potential treatments. We will do our best together to meet our users’ needs when looking for answers to their problems