Best Supplements To Take With Adderall For Improving Its Effects

Many nootropics and dietary supplements can potentiate or synergize with Adderall, but which ones should you pick?

Best Supplements To Take With Adderall For Improving Its Effects

Taking Adderall can boost energy, enhance focus, and increase productivity. However, sometimes the effects of Adderall are too or cause too many side effects.

In these situations, people will often combine other supplements with the drug. Various supplements provide different effects in conjunction with Adderall depending on what you use it for.

This article includes all the most promising combinations for diverse purposes so you can decide which supplement is right for you.

Top 10 Supplements To Take With Adderall

  1. Mind Lab Pro — Best Supplement To Take With Adderall
  2. Noocube — Best Supplement To Make Adderall More Effective
  3. Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi — Best Vitamins To Take With Adderall
  4. Performance Lab Energy — Best Non-Stimulant Supplement To Increase Effectiveness of Adderall
  5. Performance Lab Caffeine+ — Caffeine and Adderall
  6. Double Wood Supplements Magnesium L-Threonate — Magnesium and Adderall
  7. Nootropics Depot N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine — L-Tyrosine and Adderall
  8. Thorne Research Theanine — L-Theanine and Adderall
  9. NutriRise Ashwagandha — Ashwagandha and Adderall
  10. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3 — Vitamin D and Adderall

Best Supplement To Take With Adderall

The best supplements that enhance and synergize with the effects of Adderall will provide well-rounded results without causing significant side effects. A supplement should add to the nootropic effects and desired benefits of Adderall in various ways to boost brain and cognitive health.

Mind Lab Pro
Best supplement overall

#1 Mind Lab Pro

Since Mind Lab Pro works on a wide range of systems and neurotransmitters, it offers all-encompassing properties for boosting cognition, focus, reducing anxiety, and helping you get the most out of Adderall.

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Mind Lab Pro is a superb supplement that contains 11 ingredients that offer distinct effects to the overall formula.

Many of the herbs found in the product, like Bacopa monnieri or Rhodiola rosea, help to reduce the bothersome side effects that many people experience with Adderall.

It balances well with the stimulant properties of Adderall by offering natural energy. Plus, it can boost memory to retain the information you absorb with the focus provided by the Adderall dosage.

Mind Lab Pro is all-natural and does not contain any useless filler ingredients so that every component offers something for brain health.

As a result, Mind Lab Pro maintains and optimal cognitive function whether the supplement is taken to synergize with any ADHD drug or on its own.


  • Calming effect boosts positive effects and reduces negative effects of Adderall
  • No crash because it does not contain stimulants
  • Potentiates the mood and focus benefits of ADHD drugs
  • All-natural, GMO-free, vegan friendly, and 11 research-based ingredients
  • Well-rounded effects for cognition, state of mind, and neuroprotection


  • More expensive than some alternatives

Best Supplement To Make Adderall More Effective

Some supplements offer properties that enhance the desired results of Adderall, making it a more effective drug. These results can be reached via potentiation or combined effects, but the best options do both.

Best for the efficacy

#2 Noocube

Noocube offers potent results using a proven formula, making it one of the highest quality supplements available for alertness, concentration, and memory that can synergize exceptionally well when combined with Adderall.

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Noocube contains amino acids, vitamin combinations, and other nootropic compounds to provide rapid results that boost the impact of taking Adderall.

Many of the components work together to produce more significant amounts of acetylcholine and then improve the signaling of the neurotransmitter.

Some ingredients like L-theanine and Bacopa monnieri help balance out the cognitive benefits with anti-anxiety properties (1).

In addition, the formula is also known to aid in regulating dopamine, epinephrine, and serotonin that can help your mental capacities work properly. As a result, the side effects of consuming Adderall may be lessened.

Finally, several substances found in Noocube offer antioxidant components to protect your mind and body from unnecessary damage caused by free radicals.

Also, some of the ingredients offer anti-inflammatory qualities that can help you avoid the crash of Adderall and to recover with ease.


  • The calming effect is excellent for stress and anxiety
  • Enhances memory and focus
  • Does not contain caffeine or other stimulants
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features
  • All-natural, non-GMO, and third party tested


  • Only available on the official website

Best Vitamins To Take With Adderall

Vitamin supplements go well with Adderall because they allow your brain and body to work at the highest level. In addition, getting proper nutrition can help with negative effects often associated with Adderall.

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi
Best Vitamins

#3 Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi

Poor nutrition can weaken the benefits of Adderall and other nootropics. With Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi, you never have to worry about inadequate nutrition again.

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Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi is excellent because it contains a perfectly balanced combination of 27 different vitamins and minerals to help your body and mind.

The wide variety of minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, and iodine with the combination of vitamins can provide benefits that make this supplement a great choice to be taken on its own to help you restore nutrients that may be missing from your diet.

Therefore, it synergizes well with Adderall on the effects on aging, focus, mental energy, and support overall health for the long term.

In particular, B vitamins found in NutriGenesis Multi help with cognitive performance, vitamins E and D help with symptoms of ADHD and can enhance the attention-boosting features of Adderall.

The product also contains vitamin C that some research shows could reduce the absorption of Adderall.

While this may seem like a negative aspect of NutriGenesis Multi, the product contains an amount of vitamin C that is effective but not higher than necessary to ensure that the Adderall remains effective even when taken simultaneously.


  • Contains 27 vitamins and minerals
  • Adequate amounts of Vitamin C, which means it won’t affect Adderall absorption
  • Has no synthetic nutrients and is vegan friendly
  • Prebiotic capsules that won’t affect your digestive system
  • Customized for gender-specific dosages


  • Serving size is 4 capsules
  • More expensive than regular multivitamins

Best Non-Stimulant Supplement To Increase Effectiveness of Adderall

While Adderall is a powerful stimulant drug, many people would rather stack it with non-stimulants to even out the adverse effects while simultaneously boosting the effectiveness. The top options offer clean, sustained flow to balance out the synthetic energy of Adderall.

Performance Lab Energy
Best for stimulant-free energy

#4 Performance Lab Energy

Performance Lab Energy is a patented and unique formula that enhances the effects of Adderall as it converts nutrients into usable energy for every cell in the body, including the brain, heart, and muscles.

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If you are looking to boost the energetic benefits of Adderall, but want to avoid stimulants like caffeine, then Performance Lab Energy may be the option that you have been looking for.

Instead of promoting synthetic energy and euphoria, Performance Lab Energy works on the natural composition of cells to enhance mitochondria.

One of the primary ingredients is the patented MicroActive Q10 enzyme naturally present throughout cells around the body, but supplementing more can help convert food into better energy for cells.

In addition, it has antioxidant properties that can be beneficial for preventing age-related decline, both mentally and physically, and avoiding a severe crash from Adderall.

This product also contains Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which can offer protective qualities and prevent rapid age-related cognitive decline.

Along with the other ingredients, this supplement can add neuroprotection and aid with muscle recovery, improve memory, and encourage a positive state of mind to make Adderall more effective when ingested at the same time.


  • Each ingredient offers different mechanisms of action for a supportive and natural flow of energy
  • Has no synthetic components, no caffeine or other stimulants, to avoid a crash on the comedown and other side effects
  • Wide range of uses that encourage cognitive benefits, mental vitality, exercise intensity, and lose weight
  • Good for long-term use


  • Does not work well when taken with food or right after eating
  • Isn’t great if you are looking for an immediate energy burst

Caffeine and Adderall

Adderall alone isn’t enough for some people to offer optimal focus and energy, especially for the treatment of ADHD patients or those using Adderall as a study drug. In these instances, people sometimes take caffeine and Adderall simultaneously to increase the duration of effects and intensity.

Performance Lab Caffeine+
Best caffeine stack

#5 Performance Lab Caffeine+

Performance Lab Caffeine+ is a top-notch supplement for encouraging calm energy that helps you focus and stay alert without causing extreme side effects like anxiety, a crash of fatigue, or overstimulation.

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Adderall is great for eliminating ADHD symptoms and providing the user with potent stimulation and focus. Still, sometimes it is not enough depending on the dose or reason for taking it.

For example, many people want to take Adderall to study or get a lot of work done, but when it wears off, this is where Performance Lab Stim comes in.

Taking Adderall and caffeine at the same time is good for increasing the duration without as much risk of insomnia, side effects, overstimulation, or just blowing through your Adderall prescription.

However, Performance Lab Caffeine+ offers better options than a plain caffeine addition. It also provides a calming effect of l-theanine that can help you avoid the worst side effects while still getting that massive boost to energy, focus, alertness, and concentration.

Furthermore, Performance Lab Caffeine+ combines other ingredients like B Vitamins and L-tyrosine to provide an extra natural energy source.

L-tyrosine is an amino acid that can help with emotional regulation, neurotransmitter balance, and sustained energy levels that ward off burnout and fatigue and prevent harsh comedowns from Adderall.


  • Label transparency and can take it when you need it (up to 5 doses daily)
  • Including l-theanine and l-tyrosine offers anti-anxiety benefits
  • Every component works to potentiate results and balance out the effects of caffeine and Adderall


  • Only available on the Performance Lab official website
  • Does not enhance memory as well as other supplements

Magnesium and Adderall

Magnesium is one of the most common minerals to combine with Adderall because it not only helps with adverse reactions but also improves cerebral plasticity and neuron growth, thereby improving upon the same results for the nootropic benefits of Adderall.

Double Wood Supplements Magnesium L-Threonate
Best magnesium option

#6 Double Wood Supplements Magnesium L-Threonate

If you are looking to buy a magnesium supplement that actually works, Double Wood Supplements Magnesium L-Threonate is reliable, powerful, and double-tested for purity and safety.

Many people use magnesium with Adderall to take the edge off and reduce anxiety and other negative reactions. However, choosing a magnesium product can seem confusing, especially at first.

There are tons of different forms, dosages, and companies. Double Wood Supplements offers a magnesium l-threonate supplement that is bioavailable, crosses the blood-brain barrier, and balances out mood with the stimulatory impact of Adderall.

Since Double Wood Supplements Magnesium L-Threonate is highly absorbable, it also offers other benefits that can pair well with Adderall and work well for ADHD patients.

For example, it can help with memory so that all the work you complete on Adderall is not lost forever. It can also help with mood and prevent sleep problems caused by Adderall and may even help to keep focus for longer after taking your medicine.

There is also some evidence that magnesium can help brain function and prevent rapid decline (2). So while the calming effect may be subtle, a magnesium product can work well for people prone to unmanageable side effects from Adderall.


  • Uses magnesium l-threonate, the best form available
  • Can help with sleep and prevent insomnia caused by Adderall
  • Affordable compared with other supplements


  • Each capsule only contains 500 mg (serving is 2000 mg)
  • May cause some gastrointestinal reactions in some people

L-Tyrosine and Adderall

L-tyrosine is one of the most popular supplements to take with Adderall because it offers some similar benefits. Still, there are vast differences between high-quality l-tyrosine and ineffective l-tyrosine, so it is essential to choose accordingly.

Nootropics Depot N-acetyl L-tyrosine Capsules
Best tyrosine pick

#7 Nootropics Depot N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Nootropics Depot N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is the best l-tyrosine for combining with Adderall because it alleviates stress, boosts alertness, prolongs focus, and manages mood and energy in a way that most other products can’t.

L-tyrosine is an amino acid that acts as a powerful nootropic with effects that can improve various cognitive functions (3).

Nootropics Depot’s n-acetyl l-tyrosine influences chemicals that affect intellect and mood in a way that improves upon the benefits of Adderall because it allows the substance to do its job more efficiently.

Adderall can’t do much if your neurotransmitters are imbalanced. However, L-tyrosine can counter the side effects caused by Adderall by influencing the signaling of dopamine and increasing the outcomes by affecting adrenaline and norepinephrine.

This can lengthen your sense of alert focus and eliminate stress and anxiety caused by overstimulation from an Adderall dose.

Nootropics Depot provides better products than most competitors, with more substantial outcomes. This means that you can take a smaller dose of Adderall for a more pronounced peak and longer duration.


  • Tested for purity and contaminates to ensure safety
  • Uses the NALT form of the amino acid l-tyrosine, which is more water-soluble
  • Reputable company with a reasonable price


  • May disrupt sleep, especially when combined with Adderall
  • Can cause weight gain in some people

L-Theanine and Adderall

People who desire the beneficial qualities of Adderall, but hate the stimulatory side effects like insomnia, anxiety, jitters, and other negative reactions, often find that l-theanine is a compound that manages the problem.

Thorne Research Theanine
Best l-theanine selection

#8 Thorne Research Theanine

The most reasonable l-theanine on the market for the combination of price and quality is the product by Thorne Research. It calms the mind while simultaneously providing additional energy to pair with Adderall for optimal effects without negative interactions.

Thorne Research Theanine is perfect for long-term and natural relaxation to help build a stronger resilience toward stress.

Some people find that Adderall amplifies feelings of anxiety that interfere with their ability to remain productive and focused. However, l-theanine can help provide a perfect feel by overcoming those negatives.

This product can also ease some of the physical issues of Adderall use that people find uncomfortable, like rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and shakiness. It may also help with sleep that Adderall on its own often impacts negatively.

Theanine is suitable for treating ADHD symptoms and other similar signs like distraction and inability to concentrate. So it makes sense that it would work well when ingested simultaneously as Adderall (4).


  • Pure ingredients without major allergens, soy, dairy, shellfish, and more
  • More powerful calming effect than other theanine products


  • More expensive compared to other products
  • Some people find the theanine products make them irritable, nauseous, and more prone to headaches, especially with Adderall

Ashwagandha and Adderall

Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb often used by itself but can also offer some benefits to someone who is prescribed Adderall. This is because it counteracts some effects without blunting cognitive awareness.

NutriRise Ashwagandha
Best ashwagandha choice

#9 NutriRise Ashwagandha

NutriRise Ashwagandha contains a potent dose of ashwagandha that supports a positive mindset, reduces stress, and better sleep, making it the perfect complement to Adderall.

This product by NutriWise uses the freshest ashwagandha to provide optimal results designed for stress reduction and mood.

Not only does it contain 1300 mg of ashwagandha in a serving, but they add black pepper to improve the absorption and effectiveness of the herb.

Ashwagandha is great for Adderall users because they synergize and balance each other with a cleaner feeling of energy. Not only that, but the wide range of compounds found in the medicinal plant can be helpful for both daytime and nighttime use.

Finally, ashwagandha can battle the feelings of stress and racing thoughts that often accompany a dose of Adderall without eliminating the cognitive benefits or boosting mood and productivity (5).


  • Includes black pepper to boost bioavailability and absorption
  • Large 1300 mg dose of fresh, potent plant matter


  • Capsules are large and not suited for anyone uncomfortable with taking big pills
  • Varied results more than some other medicinal herbs

Vitamin D and Adderall

Adequate amounts of vitamins D2 and D3 are essential for a wide range of bodily systems and can boost immunity, improve cognition, and elevate the state of mind. Because of this, it does not hurt to combine a D product with Adderall, and many find it beneficial to do so.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3
Best vitamin D

#10 Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3

Garden of Life Vitamin D3 is an excellent product proven to increase vitamin D levels for better concentration, relaxation, and overall physical and mental well-being with optimal absorption.

Garden of Life Vitamin D3 may do wonders because it utilizes organic cracked wall chlorella and omega-9 mixture to improve absorption.

It is an excellent addition to a nootropic or medicinal stack that includes Adderall because it will help keep the body healthy and your digestion regular and comfortable.

Additionally, it fights against deficiency that can lead to insomnia, weak bones and joints, poor digestion, and decreased memory and attention span.

Combine the benefits of sufficient D with Adderall, and you have a recipe for higher productivity, a better state of mind, and a longer attention span with limited distraction.

It may also help reduce the likelihood of normal dopamine levels in the brain for people with ADHD who take amphetamine salts like Adderall because D3 regulates dopamine production and transmission (6).


  • Uses D3, which is superior to D2
  • Includes other ingredients for better absorption


  • Fast dissolving capsules can be difficult to swallow
  • Lower dose than some competitors
  • Contains some fillers that we don’t like

How We Decide The Best Pick: What To Look For?

To choose only the best supplements to take with Adderall, we had to thoroughly compare several factors that consumers find meaningful and valuable.

Supplement Type

The type of herbs, compounds, and combinations of ingredients that we had to peruse to find the best was long.

We searched for complementary ingredients that work well with Adderall and how a person on Adderall could act, think and perform when taking the supplements regularly.

For example, with l-tyrosine, we had to compare products that only used l-tyrosine with products that combined l-tyrosine with other components to see which had the best effect for specific purposes.

The one that worked best when taken at the same time as Adderall had an advantage in this category of the comparison.

The most suitable products are the ones that had a list of ingredients that each provided something to the overall formula and benefited the effects of Adderall without the use of fillers.

Some worked by using caffeine or different stimulatory compounds, while other choices influenced dopamine, benefited ADHD signs, or reduced adverse reactions from Adderall.

We also prefer all-natural products, so that also went into our decision for the top products worthy of use at the same time as Adderall.


The purpose of the combination with Adderall is crucial to deciding if it is a good option or not. Some, like caffeine, boost the Adderall effects substantially, which is what many people are looking for.

However, others do not want to use caffeine or other stimulant compounds but want to reduce negative effects like insomnia, agitation, or anxiety, so we included options like magnesium or theanine that often come with Adderall use.

We examined choices for various purposes so that you can pick the one that suits you best for what you want to get out of your Adderall or generic amphetamine salts.

Still, when taken at the same time as Adderall, the products would influence multiple actions like dopamine production, stress resilience, and relaxation to provide benefits for a variety of unique purposes.


Just because two products contain the same ingredient doesn’t mean they are the same, and there are also many forms of some components.

We made to find the most effective ones and the ones that used excellent sources for the ingredients. We value more natural sources instead of synthetic ones.

Again, the product’s efficacy by itself was not our primary concern. Instead, we wanted to find the best that worked well with Adderall.

Some were most effective for ADHD, while others were good for improving the comfort of Adderall experiences. For example, we ranked well Noocube in our list, which is also known for being one of the best natural alternatives to Adderall for the outcomes it provides.

Side Effects and Interactions

First, we avoided including products with a high risk of negative reactions with Adderall. For example, large doses of caffeine, too much stimulation of dopamine, or options that worsen ADHD were not included on this list.

We found the most useful options with the lowest amount of possible side effects when combined with Adderall.

Many of the choices, like magnesium or theanine, actually decrease these negative effects when taking the product with Adderall.

Unfortunately, some compounds do not decrease negatives, but instead, they amplify undesirable side effects.


We believe that the best products will cost more money because they use high-quality substances and third-party testing. Still, the cost is a definite consideration from most buyers, so it had to be used in our review as well.

We never eliminate an option because of price, but if one product offered identical results with Adderall as another product, the more affordable one would have a slight advantage.

Some different forms of compounds like magnesium or tyrosine may cost more, and that balance would have to be compared across the board to ensure the most promising results for the lowest price.


Adderall can offer a lot of beneficial nootropic effects, but sometimes users like to combine it as part of the stack to improve the results or get more out of their prescription.

There are many good options to increase the effectiveness of Adderall, including caffeine and tyrosine. On the other hand, others like theanine and magnesium work well with Adderall because they limit the negative effects.

While you cannot go wrong with any option on this list, our recommendation is Mind Lab Pro, as it addresses the most considerable amount of positive outcomes.

It helps lower stress, anxious feelings, boosts mood, and helps you connect your stimulant benefits of Adderall with better cognition while reducing crashes and insomnia.