Aniracetam vs. Noopept: Differences and What’s Better

Noopept and aniracetam are two of the most popular synthetic nootropics to boost cognitive function, enhance mood, and reduce stress.

Aniracetam vs. Noopept: Differences and What’s Better

If you have been looking for a nootropic supplement, you probably realized quickly that two of the most common choices are noopept and aniracetam.

They both offer some similarities in terms of effects, but there are also significant differences. Because of this, they are better suited for diverse situations.

This in-depth comparison of aniracetam vs noopept will help you decide which of these is the right nootropic for you.


What’s The Difference Between Aniracetam and Noopept?

When comparing aniracetam vs noopept, it is crucial to look at the similarities and the things that make each of these effective nootropics unique and great options.


Aniracetam was developed in the 1970s as a synthetic nootropic and member of the racetam family. Like other members of the racetam class, aniracetam offers a wide range of nootropic results.

It is so potent because, as a fat-soluble nootropic drug, it readily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

The mechanism of action works to influence the AMPA receptors. The effect on the AMPA receptors is a better transmission of signals with brain neurons that affect cognition and brain health.

It also acts as a cholinergic, affecting acetylcholine receptors and increasing acetylcholine production in the hippocampus, offering more significant nootropic benefits.

Aniracetam also binds to the neurotransmitter glutamate receptors, which are essential for memory and learning. This also helps with the communication between neurons and cells.

In addition, it may also help to stimulate the production of noradrenaline, which can have some cognitive benefits. Therefore, aniracetam works as a stimulant of the central nervous system.

Finally, there is also speculation that aniracetam interacts with serotonin and dopamine receptors, which can benefit mood, energy, and stress.

Aniracetam is prescribed in European countries to treat mood and memory disorders even though it is only a dietary supplement in the United States.

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Aniracetam Benefits

One of the main benefits of aniracetam is its impact on memory and learning (1). Not only can it improve memory and memory formation, but it can also help to process information and allow you to focus long enough to focus.

These effects on learning, memory, and focus make it an excellent choice for students, researchers, and anyone looking for an edge with their work.

Aniracetam also helps with brain energy. This mental energy could help you stay productive and motivated and may help to eliminate fatigue. This effect could also help with memory processing and may help to reduce forgetfulness.

If you have better mental energy and clarity, you can focus and process information to make it easier to recall those memories later.

These properties go along with the boost to mood to offer a brilliant choice for reducing anxiety levels and boosting cognitive enhancement qualities (2).

It may even be a good choice for those suffering from anxiety disorders because it can help reduce the racing and intrusive thoughts that can distract and be detrimental to concentration and motivation.

Some studies indicate that aniracetam may be suitable for reducing symptoms of depression (3). Depression can impact cognitive performance, mental energy, and quality of life. Therefore, aniracetam may be a helpful alternative to prescription depression drugs.

Aniracetam can reduce the impact of age-related cognitive decline (4).

In addition, studies show that it may offer mild memory effects that can help prevent or minimize the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. While it may not prevent damage to the brain, it may help recover from a traumatic brain injury.

Disadvantages of Aniracetam

Aniracetam will work best when combined with a choline supplement, which means you will have to purchase two different nootropic products to get the best result out of your stack.

It also works better if you take it with a fatty meal because it helps with absorption. Finally, since it is a synthetic nootropic, you do not want to overdo it because of potential side effects.


Noopept, or noopeptide, is a synthetic nootropic known for its potency. Even though it was developed based on the structure of piracetam, it is not a true member of the racetam class of smart drugs. Nevertheless, it offers some significant benefits to brain health.

The noopept mechanism of action is powerful because it crosses the blood-brain barrier to increase the production of cycloprolylglycine that regulates acetylcholine. In addition, noopept can regulate glutamate for better neurogenesis.

Noopept also affects the activity of NMDA and AMPA within the cerebral cortex. This offers neuroprotection and prevents the impact of oxidative stress, and ensures that the brain continues to function correctly with fluidity.

Many benefits of noopept are related to the increase in the expression of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, and the nerve growth factor, or NGF.

Both BDNF and NGF are associated with cognitive impairment and brain health. They also help with brain plasticity for learning and growth.

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Noopept Benefits

Noopept is a well-rounded brain booster, and the most studied benefits of noopept are the neuroprotective qualities.

It can help to protect the brain from decline by keeping neurons communicative and spry. It may even be suitable for those with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease (5).

There is also evidence that noopept is effective for emotional balance and regulation. It can elevate mood and build resiliency to negative emotions and the impact of stress on the body and mind.

However, it also does not have the effects on a personality like some prescription mood stabilizer drugs.

Noopept can also ease the mind and reduce anxiety and stress. It may help with irritability and procrastination while easing distracting thoughts causes by high levels of anxiety. In addition, it may even produce an improvement in sleep that has been negatively affected by anxiety.

Another feature of noopept is the ability to boost memory and cognition significantly (6). Thus, it helps with information processing and maintains optimal cognitive function.

From the first dose, most people find noopept helps with improving memory and learning. It can also help the flow of thoughts and offers sharper focus and a longer attention span.

Finally, noopept also has anti-inflammatory effects and acts as a powerful antioxidant. It can also increase blood flow to the brain, which helps with nutrient and oxygen uptake. The benefits to blood flow can keep the brain healthy while maintaining cognitive function in old age.

Disadvantages of Noopept

While noopept offers many benefits to health and cognitive performance, it can also cause more side effects than usual nootropics.

It can cause irritability and anger. Then with a developed tolerance, you may find that the side effects may increase after a few weeks of daily use.

Aniracetam or Noopept: The Comparison

We looked at several aspects of aniracetam vs noopept to give you a complete picture of each one’s strengths and weaknesses.

This will grant you more knowledge about these nootropic supplements to make an educated decision for your nootropic stack.

Mechanisms of Action

While both aniracetam and noopept are nootropics that work on the glutamate and AMPA receptors, there are also some unique ways that each works to provide the desired benefits.

Noopept acts on the NMDA, BDNF, and NGF. This provides robust neuroprotective qualities that can help with brain plasticity and growth, more than aniracetam will.

On the other hand, aniracetam influences other neurotransmitters that can profoundly affect anxiety and mood.

For example, the effect on noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin means more energy, better emotional management, improvement in motivation, and better life satisfaction.

Therefore, while neither noopept nor aniracetam is objectively better, they both have strengths to offer, starting with how they work in the human brain and body.


Noopept offers better protection for brain health and improves memory.

Users commonly add noopept to supplements and nootropic stacks for higher levels of resilience to oxidative stress, age-related cognitive decline, and to enhance the effects of another supplement.

It is also a good choice for public speaking or prolonged periods of essential concentration.

Aniracetam benefits make it an excellent choice for students because users taking aniracetam find that they can focus better, and the memory enhancement is fast and powerful.

It is also a solid choice for anybody lacking energy, battling sluggishness or brain fog, because it provides a natural increase in energy levels and long-lasting results for attention.


Dosages for aniracetam vs noopept are pretty different. Therefore, it is crucial to start with a smaller dosage and work your way up with any nootropic.

The standard dose of noopept starts at as little as 10 mg per day and can be increased to 30 mg per day. Some users also like to divide their dosages into two doses.

The dosage of aniracetam is much higher than noopept dosages.

A typical dose starts at 500 mg. Aniracetam dosages are most commonly taken in divided doses of 500 to 750 mg twice per day. Many users dislike taking dosages this high and prefer Noopept for that reason.

Side Effects

While the serious safety concerns about noopept and aniracetam are rare, there are some adverse effects and side effects to be aware of. Aniracetam and noopept both work best when combined in a stack with a choline supplement, which may reduce side effects, particularly headaches.

Aniracetam causes side effects, including severe headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness, irritability, restlessness, and loss of appetite. Some users also find that they cannot take doses too late in the day because it interrupts their sleep.

Noopept side effects include irritability, headache, dizziness, insomnia, and nausea. Some people find that noopept also puts them on edge and causes them to be aggravated and aggressive. Mixing it with a prescription drug can also increase those side effects.


While neither of these nootropics is much expensive, their prices differ. For example, aniracetam is a little more costly than noopept. This is because a higher dose is necessary to achieve beneficial outcomes.

Aniracetam powder usually costs around $20 to $30 per 40 to 50 grams, which equals a little over 65 doses of 750 mg. So for 750 mg capsules, you will probably pay somewhere between $30 and $40 for 40 to 60 tablets.

Noopept is a very affordable nootropic. You can get 10 grams for around $20, having over 300 doses of 30 mg. Capsules are a little more expensive but still reasonable than other brain supplements.

Which Nootropic Is Better To Choose?

Noopept and aniracetam are both solid nootropics, and the better choice depends on the results you want.

Noopept is a superb option for anyone looking to boost brain health and get the most out of their supplements because it protects the brain and offers balanced effects.

Aniracetam is a popular choice for students because it is great for improving focus and increasing memory. Aniracetam also helps people get the most out of their learning and may help you improve your cognitive performance.

Because of their different benefits, it is essential to look at each aspect and how you are seeking help to achieve your goals.