Aniracetam: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

The nootropic that reduces anxiety and depression with no sedative effects.

Aniracetam: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

A nootropic drug that promises mental clarity with mild stimulant effects but none of the crashes of caffeine, aniracetam is a powerful substance that claims a lot.

It boasts of improving different areas of cognitive function while also countering symptoms of anxiety and depression to some extent. But given its repertoire as an effective brain enhancer, it remains shrouded in a cloud of controversy.

So to see what makes this nootropic a hit or miss, this aniracetam review will investigate all.

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    What is Aniracetam?

    Aniracetam is a synthetic nootropic and belongs to the best racetams available. Therefore, racetam nootropics consist of a group of compound substances with a similar chemical structure that modulates different neurotransmitters in the brain with the potential to influence and improve cognitive function.

    In Europe, the drug is prescribed to treat mood and memory disorders but is available in the U.S. as a type of dietary supplement only.

    How Does Aniracetam Work In The Brain?

    Aniracetam, also known as N-anisoyl-2-pyrrolidinone, is considered a potent nootropic as it is highly absorbable in the gut, which allows it to reach the brain faster.

    The compound was first made in the 1970s by Hoffman La Roche, and its mechanism of action shows it works on the part of a brain cell called the AMPA receptor. AMPA stands for alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionic acid.

    AMPA receptors assist the transmission of signals and connections to move quickly between brain cells or neurons. Aniracetam can improve brain function regarding cognition, reduce brain fog, and boost alertness by stimulating receptors.

    Research shows that once in the central nervous system, its working mechanisms modulate the three most crucial neurotransmitters to make changes in the body.

    The drug binds to glutamate receptors giving it the ability to influence memory formation and learning. As such, it increases the production of the neurotransmitter glutamate by binding to AMPA receptors and kainate receptors, both of which are involved in communication among neural cells.

    By amplifying glutamate stimulation via AMPA receptors, aniracetam also stimulates the production of the neurotransmitter noradrenaline, which keeps you vigilant, focused, and able to take in information better (1).

    Being a cholinergic substance, aniracetam increases acetylcholine production in the hippocampus. Evidence shows that this mechanism may significantly affect cognitive functions through the stimulation of ACH (2).

    Aniracetam also interacts with dopamine and serotonin by modulating them. According to one study, it does so by regulating the activity of glutamate and acetylcholine receptors.

    This could explain why this drug works so synergistically to give you a gentle boost of mental agility while keeping your mood levels and behavior balanced.

    What Are The Benefits of Aniracetam?

    Aniracetam is a nootropic whose benefits are associated with increased activity and brain blood flow in the association cortex. This part of the brain sorts out information gathered from sensory stimulation.

    So the actions and effects of aniracetam are more supplement-based rather than as a primary treatment for cognitive disorders or brain dysfunction.

    Enhances Memory and Learning

    Like other drugs and nootropics, aniracetam has been shown to reduce memory impairment and make learning easier.

    One early animal trial focused on reduced cognitive functions related to memory and learning putting mice to six different tests.

    Each test of impaired or obstructed cognitive function and learning ability in some way, and findings showed that memory and learning processes were normalized after all procedures (3).

    Another study noted the cognitive effects of aniracetam concerning fetal exposure to ethanol or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a condition which a child develops given the mother’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

    One clinical trial with mice examined the effectiveness of aniracetam on FAS. When treated with the drug for ten days, aniracetam reversed cognitive impairments and increased the number of mice that enhanced their learning abilities and memory function (4).

    Most of the research on this subject relates to animal models and does not necessarily translate to human studies. And even then, while it may exhibit efficacy in impaired subjects, aniracetam does not alter behavior in normal healthy mice.

    Improves Focus and Concentration

    Among other aspects of brain function, aniracetam has also been used to improve focus and concentration.

    Research suggests that it may keep users more attentive and better focused on tasks or assist them in switching between tasks more efficiently.

    In this sense, the aniracetam may also prove beneficial for managing ADHD where it may be used as complementary medicine for the condition.

    It may help improve concentration and is not as addictive as other ADHD prescriptions.

    Reduces Anxiety

    Aniracetam seems to have a better performance than other racetams when regulating mood, behavior, anxiety, and holistic thinking. So while it optimizes the brain to make you more energetic mentally, it can also make you calmer and more cognitively agile.

    Given that it can modulate dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine, there is little doubt that it will affect mood positively. It reduces glutamate receptor desensitization and slows the decay of excitatory synaptic currents in the hippocampus.

    Some studies show aniracetam alleviates anxiety in adult mice, making it a drug with an anxiolytic effect (5).

    Has Antidepressant Properties

    Scientists also believe that aniracetam may exhibit some effectiveness in managing symptoms of depression. One early study shows that it may help regulate serotonin and dopamine levels in mice. These are brain chemicals that impact mood regulation (6).

    Research on the drug for cognitive function and wellbeing shows mixed results.

    For instance, scientists involved in an extensive study reported that taking aniracetam for a year enhanced mood and cognitive function in elderly subjects.

    They reported it to work better and present fewer side effects than traditional Alzheimer’s medication (7).

    On the flip side, other studies showed no mental effect in animal models of mice or pigeons.

    Treats Dementia

    There is some evidence that aniracetam may help patients with cognitive impairment and dementia.

    One study shows that a group of elderly adults with Alzheimer’s disease performed better at cognitive tasks than others when they took 1500 mg of aniracetam daily for 6 months (8).

    In another comparative open study, the emotional stability of patients with dementia experienced favorable results after being administered aniracetam.

    Helps To Recover Brain Damage

    Aniracetam can protect the brain from age-related cognitive declines like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

    Evidence from one study with elderly patients with mild to moderate cognitive disorders related to Alzheimer’s showed that aniracetam had the potential to reverse neuronal brain damage by modulating AMPA receptors.

    At the same time, when comparing piracetam and aniracetam, another study proved that aniracetam is more effective than piracetam for the same purpose.

    The second trial was done comparing the two supplements and involved taking a higher dose of 2400 mg a day for six months.

    Both studies showed notable improvements in the patients’ condition, with aniracetam being very well tolerated without causing a rise in liver enzymes. The second trial also showed aniracetam to be better than piracetam in 8 of the 18 tests.

    In another area, research has investigated it as a treatment for traumatic brain injury by looking at its efficacy on recovery after TBI in rats. Findings showed it to be an effective treatment for cognitive impairments induced by TBI (9).

    How To Take Aniracetam?

    Aniracetam is fat-soluble, meaning it should be taken with food or some fat source such as fish oil.

    The intestines usually process this class of racetams, and the effects of fat-soluble racetams tend to last longer in the system.

    Even though it is longer lasting than its water-soluble counterparts, taking aniracetam can be more challenging as you can’t simply mix it into a drink.

    Aniracetam is typically used along with bioavailable choline sources to maximize its potency.


    Aniracetam is often sold as 750 mg capsules or in powder form as part of brain-boosting nootropics. However, clinical studies have used up to 1,500 mg in daily dosage with no significant side effects.

    It is important never to exceed the recommended dose as higher doses don’t necessarily mean added benefits. If anything, a higher dose can quickly increase the risk of side effects.

    What is The Half-life?

    Compared to other cognitive enhancers, aniracetam has a relatively short half-life of 1-2.5 hours.

    This denotes the time it takes for its initial quantity to reduce its value by half. When compared to another racetam, piracetam, which can last between 6-8 hours, aniracetam seems to have a very rapid onset of effects and a short-lived duration.

    Under normal circumstances, it is thought to reach its peak plasma concentration levels within about 20-30 minutes of oral administration. After this time, plasma levels steadily taper off for the next few hours.

    Aniracetam Stacks

    It is possible to use aniracetam on its own or as part of a stack that can get better results by pairing it up with other nootropics.

    Aniracetam and Choline Stack

    Like other racetams, using aniracetam alongside a supplemental choline source is expected, making this a basic but solid stack.

    Supplementation with a high-quality, bioavailable source like Alpha-GPC or Citicoline yields nootropic effects by ensuring the availability of building blocks needed for synthesizing acetylcholine.

    This ensures that there is enough in your system to maximize the effects of aniracetam while mitigating the potential side effect of headaches that may result from insufficient acetylcholine.

    For this stack, use 750 mg of aniracetam paired with 300 mg of Alpha-GPC.

    Piracetam, Aniracetam and Oxiracetam (PAO) Stack

    PAO is a power-packed stack combination of supplements that uses three of the most popular racetams.

    While all can enhance overall cognition and attention span, each supplement also offers its own unique benefits.

    Piracetam, for instance, is an overall learning and cognitive enhancer, while aniracetam improves mood. When you throw oxiracetam into the mix, you get improved processing power, and the result is experiencing all aspects of nootropic benefits.

    However, expert advice suggests that you only try this complex stack once you are familiar with the individual supplements before combining them.

    Recommended amounts for this stack include 1600 mg piracetam, 400 mg aniracetam, and 400 mg oxiracetam.

    This has to be paired with a source of choline like 300 mg Alpha-GPC taken once or twice daily.

    Aniracetam and Noopept Stack

    Aniracetam paired with Noopept is a synergistic combination of compounds where one compound potentiates the other quite well.

    This aniracetam stack tends to last the whole day with dosages of 350 mg of aniracetam taken three times daily with food.

    You pair this up with 10 mg dosages of Noopept 3 times daily along with 150 mg of alpha GPC as your source of choline needed throughout the day.

    Does Aniracetam Have Side Effects?

    Little is known about the long-term safety of the aniracetam. However, studies do suggest that the drug is well tolerated for up to one year.

    Typical side effects are mild, including headaches, anxiety, and irritability. Some user reviews indicate that people may also experience digestive discomfort like diarrhea or nausea, while others have complained of insomnia or vertigo.

    Aniracetam may interact with other medications and may amplify the effects of anticoagulants, anticonvulsants, and even some antihistamines.

    Therefore, people who take antidepressants, antipsychotics, or sedatives, and anesthetics should always follow their doctor’s advice to see if aniracetam is safe to use.

    Since there are several possible drug interactions, you should never try to self-medicate when dealing with a condition involving cognitive impairment or memory loss.

    Where To Buy Aniracetam?

    Aniracetam is sold as a dietary supplement in the U.S. and not as a prescription drug. This makes it more easily accessible to people who are looking to avail of its nootropic benefits.

    It is available from a few select online vendors, the majority of which specialize in selling nootropics. Therefore, it is important to check user reviews for these products before making a final purchase.

    To make a reliable purchase, check out aniracetam available at PureRawz. Based on customer reviews, the company offers a high-quality product that complies with purity and safety standards.


    Our review shows aniracetam to be a powerful, multi-faceted brain enhancer. Its nootropic features can help improve cognition in various areas while reducing stress, anxiety and lifting some of the depression.

    It has an overall stimulant effect while also making you awake and alert. The drug also delivers fast-acting and long-lasting results with a low incidence of side effects.

    So, if you need a nootropic that can help promote calmness while also enhancing cognitive functions, aniracetam is definitely worth the consideration.

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