Provasil Review: Is This Supplement Worth The Money?

Provasil is a popular neuroprotective nootropic that can benefit memory and cognition.

Provasil Review: Is This Supplement Worth The Money?

Mental fatigue can be downright debilitating, and sometimes it can be pretty hard to find a proper solution. This brings us to Provasil, which claims to boost cognitive performance.

However, customer reviews seem to be contradictory, with some reviews saying it is a beneficial nootropic supplement and others saying to save your money.

We want to give you an honest, research-based review to help you make an educated decision on Provasil and see if there is a better alternative on the market.

Before we get to the ingredients and potential benefits, let’s look at the product itself.


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Provasil is not the most effective option for mental performance. However, a more potent alternative is available that can boost brain function and get you feeling productive.

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    What is Provasil?

    Provasil is a nootropic supplement developed by Cognetix Labs.

    It has a formula comprised of 15 ingredients that is a popular choice for well-being and brain health. In addition, it is rich in several vitamins and natural nootropics.

    What is Provasil

    Claims include enhancing memory recall, elevated mental alertness, eliminated brain fog, improved focus, and reduced cognitive decline.

    They also guarantee results, and it is a popular product for older individuals looking to combat cognitive decline related to age and people who want to boost memory and focus for work or school.

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    How Does Provasil Work?

    Provasil works by influencing neurotransmitter and chemical production in the brain. It may also help with functioning by addressing nutritional deficiencies and fighting against damage by free radicals.

    While some use it for the potential advantages, our opinion is that Provasil does not live up to the claim statements.

    Many components lack the dose level required for health, brain protection, stress reduction, and cognitive process. Therefore, we feel like there are better products on the market that you can purchase.

    What Are The Benefits of Provasil?

    It would not be a complete Provasil review without including the beneficial aspects of the nootropic supplement.

    The Provasil product has a fairly complex formula, but does it actually improve performance?

    Provasil benefits and effects

    Enhances Memory and Recall Ability

    Many of the ingredients in Provasil are good for memory formation and recall, including DHA, resveratrol, choline bitartrate, ginseng, and Bacopa monnieri. This is one of the strong suits of this supplement, and it is one of the more popular of all the common memory supplements.

    Because of the influence on both memory and focus, it may help you form memories, making it easier to access the information in the future. One of the more essential ingredients for boosting memory is Ginkgo Biloba, which is also suitable for overall mental performance and attention span.

    The inclusion of several vitamins can help protect your brain and reduce the likelihood of memory loss and forgetfulness. Research shows that the antioxidants in the blend of ingredients could also boost these protective memory results by reducing the harm caused by free radicals.

    While many ingredient choices are suitable for working memory, it is essential to note that many of these ingredients are too low to be very effective. This is not to say that the product will not work, but the effect may not be as substantial as you desire.

    Reduces Brain Fog and Mental Fatigue

    Provasil is also a supplement with a formula designed to boost mental performance, and also, it may affect energy levels. Many ingredients can contribute to this benefit, particularly L-tyrosine, because of its impact on neurotransmitters.

    Many other ingredients are beneficial for mental clarity and helped to reduce brain sluggishness and mental fatigue. While Provasil does not contain any stimulants, it provides a mild boost in natural energy because of the effect on brain cells and chemicals.

    In addition, there is some influence on mood-boosting neurotransmitters that may also help you get over a slump in productivity. For example, many find that their work performance decreases in the afternoon or late in the week, and Provasil could help you retain your alertness for longer.

    While the improvement is not profound for many who experience Provasil, it can certainly help users complete tasks or improve their thinking abilities and speed. The combination of cognitive properties is balanced but still may work best when combined with other dietary supplements.

    Improves Focus and Concentration

    Another beneficial claim of Provasil is the improvement in concentration and attention. Some users find that the Provasil product can increase mental alertness, concentration, boost focus and energy.

    These benefits will be most noticeable in those who already have concentration difficulties. The reason for this is that many of the ingredients address existing issues in the brain and body. However, some components also positively influence focus in those who do not have a problem.

    Bacopa monnieri is one of the most common natural ingredients used for concentration. Science shows us that the impact could be significant enough to make it a beneficial component for those who suffer from ADHD (8).

    Some of the other ingredients found in Provasil may support these benefits as well. So while you should not expect an improvement as significant as you may get from stimulants, the effect may still be pronounced for some customers.

    Protects Against Cognitive Decline

    It is natural for our cognitive abilities to decline with age, but some supplements may be helpful to reduce the impact or protect us from rapid degeneration. Some ingredients in Provasil may help.

    Provasil could help with information processing, one problem that becomes worsened as we get older. As we lose our mental agility, we process information slower and lose our mental alertness. The Provasil product can address these items naturally by impacting the active components in the brain.

    Also, Provasil contains many vitamins, like folic acid, B12, and folate, that could also provide us with essential nutrition that offers protective qualities for the brain. These features could be beneficial for those who suffer from mild cognitive impairment.

    Many customers who purchase Provasil do so because they suffer from an impairment, thinking difficulties, or forgetfulness. They decide it would be worth the risk to try a natural solution.

    Of course, a person’s experience will differ depending on their current situation, but there is some reason to believe that Provasil could help when combined with prescription medications.

    Contains Only Natural Ingredients

    It is one thing that we love the most about Provasil. Each ingredient is natural and considered safe when consumed at the amounts present in the product.

    In addition, the supplement contains an astounding 15 components that influence all different parts of brain performance.

    None of the components in Provasil were created via synthesis, and information suggests that the manufacturer takes care to reduce any risk associated with their products.

    A review of the product information also shows that Provasil is non-GMO, vegetarian, gluten-free and that the manufacturer follows GMP standards.

    Finally, the Provasil manufacturer also submits its products for third-party testing. This ensures that every Provasil supplement is free of contaminants and additives and follows proper dosage guidelines. They certainly do a lot to protect the customer.

    Provasil Ingredients

    The Provasil formula contains a blend of 15 different ingredients. Each ingredient offers its benefits for overall health.

    Therefore, our Provasil review would not be complete without information about the potential uses for each of the ingredients.

    Provasil ingredients

    Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

    Vitamin C

    Many people know about the benefits of Vitamin C for the immune system, but it can also offer some other features.

    It is an antioxidant that can protect your memory as you age and is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and body.

    Each serving delivers 300 mg of Vitamin C.


    Vitamin B9

    Folate, or folic acid, is a B9 Vitamin that may help to improve mood and cognition, especially in older people.

    It is necessary for the functioning of the nervous system, and folate deficiency can cause fatigue and a decrease in healthy blood cell count.

    It yields a substantial 1000 mcg of Dietary Folate Equivalents (DFE) or 600 mcg folic acids.

    Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that is necessary for red blood cell production.

    There is also evidence that healthy Vitamin B12 levels could support learning ability and memory, and B12 vitamin deficiencies can cause weakness, dizziness, and fatigue.

    There is 300 mcg of Vitamin B12 in each dose.


    Vitamin B7

    Biotin may help keep you in a good mood by supporting brain health, and a deficiency can lead to depression sometimes.

    Some people claim it can help with cognition, but there is insufficient research to support this.

    Every serving supplies 150 mcg Biotin.

    Choline bitartrate

    Choline bitartrate

    Choline bitartrate is one of the essential nutrients found in Provasil. It is a precursor to acetylcholine, one of the neurotransmitters crucial for memory and learning.

    It may also be suitable for people suffering from cognitive decline or dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (1).

    A single serving yields 150 mg of Choline bitartrate.



    Phosphatidylcholine is a chemical related to choline, and it produces acetylcholine.

    Because of this, it may support or even improve memory. It may also be good for some normal functions around the body and brain (2).

    Each serving contains 30 mg Phosphatidylcholine.



    Phosphatidylserine acts as an antioxidant that protects the body from stress caused by free radicals.

    Phosphatidylserine also supports the functioning of brain neurotransmitters, and at least one study shows it may offer protection against cognitive decline (3).

    According to our review, Provasil provides 50 mg of Phosphatidylserine per serving.



    L-tyrosine is an amino acid that influences the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, which affect mood and well-being.

    Additionally, l-tyrosine can help your body conserve energy and reduce stress levels.

    Each serving contains 100 mg L-tyrosine.

    N-acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR


    ALCAR is an amino acid that can improve memory and cognitive function, especially in older people who suffer from memory loss.

    Acetyl-L-carnitine may also help with brain fog and physical fatigue.

    In every portion, you get 100 mg of N-acetyl-L-carnitine.

    Bacopa Monnieri

    Bacopa monnieri

    This herb can improve memory and may help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

    Science reviews show Bacopa monnieri that could offer significant improvements in memory. It may even be good for physical health and provides a sense of calm focus (4).

    Every serving provides 100 mg of Bacopa herb extract.

    Ginkgo Leaf

    Ginkgo biloba

    Ginkgo biloba leaves contain inflammation-fighting compounds and antioxidants that may improve blood circulation and relieve stress.

    In addition, some research suggests that this compound could be good for mental health, memory, attention span, and overall cognitive performance (5).

    You obtain 60 mg of Ginkgo leaf extract with each dose.



    L-glutamine is an ingredient found that is naturally found in the lungs and other muscles. It may help with memory and learning.

    One animal study found that the impact on memory and focus could be pretty substantial (6).

    Each serving contains 45 mg L-Glutamine.

    Panax Ginseng Root

    Panax ginseng

    Panax Ginseng Root is one of the more common natural ingredients found in nootropics because it may benefit information processing.

    In addition, one study found that Panax Ginseng Root has mild to moderate cognitive enhancement properties for people who suffer from some form of cognitive impairment.

    You can find 30 mg Asian Ginseng Root extract per serving.



    Resveratrol is an ingredient derived from grapes that can support heart and brain health.

    A review of studies shows that it may help with memory formation and improve learning and focus, although more human studies need to be completed (7).

    Every serving contains 25 mg of Resveratrol as Japanese Knotweed Root extract.

    Docosahexaenoic Acid

    Docosahexaenoic acid

    Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, is an omega-3 fatty acid that is incredibly important for brain health and functions.

    Besides being good for memory and cognitive performance, it is also beneficial for the heart, mental health, and other health functions.

    One recommended dose contains 5 mg DHA from fish oil.

    How To Take Provasil Supplement?

    Provasil comes in tablet form, and the bottle instructions say that they recommend taking one or two tablets per day.

    They also suggest taking the pill in the morning with food, but taking it without other foods is okay as well.


    Provasil bottle include the doses of each ingredient on the label.

    This makes them more trustworthy than manufacturers who have proprietary blends with a mixture of components in their bottles.

    The doses on the bottle are the amounts included in two tablets, but some consumers only take one, especially when combining with another nootropic stack.

    Provasil Reviews: What Do Users Say?

    When looking at nootropics, you probably look at customer reviews to see if the product will aid you in your current condition. We like to help you with a summary of the critical points in our Provasil review.

    Many user comments are positive, but others claim that the ones who have positive experiences result from the placebo effect or show bias.

    Many of the positive reviews find benefits by combining Provasil with another health pill or supplement. While this can offer an advantage, many want to use a product on its own.

    Does Provasil Have Side Effects?

    Provasil is safe and does not have any significant dangers, but there are some side effects to keep in mind.

    The most common side effects are increased heart rate, sleep problems, headaches, and nausea.

    In addition, if you have a severe health problem or are pregnant, seek the advice of a doctor before use.

    Where To Buy Provasil

    The most accessible place to purchase Provasil is on the official website. However, you may also find online retailers.

    Unfortunately, you will probably have difficulties finding a retailer in person because it is typically only found on the internet.


    You can purchase a bottle of 60 tablets from the official website for $49.95, a 30 day supply. Also, you can get discounts if you buy more bottles as well. In addition, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee as long as you follow the return policy.

    As you probably realize from reading this Provasil review, it is full of components that can be beneficial for brain and cognitive health. However, the cost is high considering the pros and cons of the supplement.

    So, while it may offer an advantage to some and is far from a scam, we cannot honestly recommend Provasil based on facts and experiences.


    Provasil contains a lot of ingredients that can play a role in overall cognition and brain health, but it is far from the best nootropic you can try for these benefits.

    This is primarily because it is expensive, and many of the components are not included in high enough amounts to be effective.

    Instead, our advice is to choose Mind Lab Pro because every ingredient found in the formula serves a unique and particular purpose to offer well-rounded beneficial features perfect for newcomers and experts alike.


    3.8/5 Our rating

    Best choice


    Instead of choosing Provasil for mediocre results, you should pick Mind Lab Pro, a trusted nootropic containing high-quality natural ingredients proven to improve mental performance.

    Check better alternative


    • Contains only natural ingredients; it is non-GMO, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians
    • Label transparency (has no proprietary blend)


    • Does not provide effective dosages of many components in the formula
    • Expensive when compared with competitors
    • Uses an inefficient choline source compared to CDP-Choline, or Alpha-GPC
    • Does not provide energy as much as we would like