Phenibut: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

Anxiety fighting synthetic supplement that offers benefits to cognition and improves sleep.

Phenibut: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

What do you do when you want to relax but must keep your cognitive abilities? Phenibut is used to improve mental health without compromising cognitive function. It works as a nootropic and also calms the body and mind.

Many users use it for anxiety, while other people use it to improve productivity and mental performance. It is also commonly added to a stack of supplements and nootropics to enhance the results.

Let’s check the benefits of phenibut to help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

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    What is Phenibut (Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid)?

    Phenibut is a synthetic drug developed in Russia in the early 60s, and Russians still commonly use phenibut to treat mental health conditions and neurological disorders.

    In addition, Phenibut acts as a central nervous system depressant, which causes many properties that make it a popular supplement option.

    While it is not approved for use in the United States or many other countries, phenibut is used for recreational or nootropic qualities.

    Phenibut is available in two forms, HCL and FAA:

    • The HCL form is the hydrochloride salt form.
    • The FAA form is the free amino acid form.

    When comparing Phenibut HCL and FAA, both forms offer similar effects, and they can enter the bloodstream in different ways depending on the method of use.

    How Does Phenibut Work In The Brain?

    Phenibut is an analog of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid, GABA. This neurotransmitter blocks brain activity and mechanisms that contribute to anxiety, stress, moodiness, and restlessness.

    The phenyl ring on the phenibut molecule allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier readily, unlike unaltered GABA.

    When phenibut crosses the blood-brain barrier, it binds to the GABA receptors, primarily the GABA B receptor, and blocks the impact of the brain chemical glutamate.

    Phenibut also stimulates other neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

    Many of the pleasant or beneficial effects of phenibut are caused by the action on the dopamine receptors, while serotonin is vital for overall well-being and positive mood.

    This mechanism of action increases brain chemical levels to cause feelings of pleasure, euphoria, and satisfaction.

    What Are The Benefits of Phenibut?

    The impact on the central nervous system makes phenibut a popular substance for improving well-being, and it offers a wide variety of different outcomes.

    Let’s look at each one and the ways the phenibut can help.

    Reduces Anxiety Symptoms

    The effects of phenibut make it a superb choice for reducing anxiety and stress and easing symptoms of related disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD (1).

    In fact, this is the most common reason that people take phenibut, and it is a result of the substance’s influence on GABA.

    Anxiety can cause a lot of symptoms that phenibut can alleviate. Phenibut can eradicate negative or racing thought patterns and eliminate excessive worry.

    It can provide a sense of relaxation and works for muscle relaxation to reduce tension, and also helps to manage irregular heartbeat that corresponds with heightened awareness and anxiety.

    Some people even advocate its use for social anxiety. Some people find that they have intrusive thoughts and physical symptoms of anxiety and stress during social interactions.

    Phenibut can alleviate that fear and allow users to relax without feelings of tension or agitation. It is even commonly used to reduce stuttering and increases sociability.

    While phenibut is often used to reduce anxiety and stress levels throughout the day, other people use it recreationally to relax their minds and sedate the body.

    For example, this can allow you to destress after work, so you are not constantly worrying about what you have to accomplish the next day.

    Helps With Depression

    Phenibut also helps with depression in a few different ways.

    First, in alleviating anxiety, worry and also can promote a positive outlook. Second, research shows it can also boost the brain that can help you become motivated to take positive, healthy actions that may reduce symptoms of depression (2).

    The effects of phenibut in the brain also allow one to feel a boost in their overall well-being. The mood boost associated with this substance can be profound and long-lasting.

    Many users even find that it helps them overcome unhealthy behavior that began when they became depressed.

    The best thing about the reduction in depression is that it works on brain chemicals and regulates neurotransmission that influences emotions.

    This means that it does not offer a temporary bandage for mental health but alleviates the underlying issue.

    The benefit of using phenibut instead of some prescription drugs used to treat depression is that it also provides a wave of relaxation. Combining these effects can give users euphoria that can help them through even the most depressed moods.

    Enhances Cognitive Enhancement

    Besides improving mental health, phenibut effects also have nootropic properties that can help with focus and attention. While more evidence is necessary, the research that has been concluded shows some promising results (3).

    Some people even use phenibut as a drug to improve memory. Animal studies show that phenibut can help with memory recovery and learning abilities (4).

    There is some evidence that it may even help to improve memory in people who suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

    Phenibut also reduced distracting thoughts that weave in and out of your consciousness. This can make it easier to concentrate and pay attention to the task at hand.

    The boost in mood also helps with motivation, concentration, and positive control of cognition. These outcomes make it an excellent choice to aid in the treatment of ADHD.

    In turn, phenibut can increase productivity and help eliminate brain fog that makes it difficult to work, learn, process information, or retain cognitive function throughout the day.

    These beneficial outcomes are most profound when phenibut is combined with other nootropics, memory enhancers, and dietary supplements designed for brain health.

    Improves Sleep and Treats Insomnia

    If you have ever had insomnia, you know how frustrating and debilitating it can be. While some nootropics cause insomnia, phenibut can help with sleep disorders or occasional problems sleeping.

    While there are few studies on these outcomes, a case study found that since phenibut acts similar to other CNS depressants, it can help improve the quality of sleep (5).

    Thus, not only can it allow one to drift off, but it can keep you in a restful state for longer. One reason behind the beneficial impacts on insomnia is that it relaxes the thinking process.

    Many people find that their stress and racing thoughts are the reason why they cannot quickly fall into a restful state that leads to sleep. Phenibut reduces those thoughts and allows you to relax until you fall asleep.

    Phenibut does have the ability to make people groggy in the morning after they take it for sleeping. Still, it is less likely to cause those negative reactions than many drugs usually prescribed for sleep problems when the substance is consumed at regular doses.

    Boosts Performance and Natural Growth Hormone Production

    Phenibut can have a positive influence on physical fitness in addition to mental health. Many athletes and bodybuilders turn to phenibut for recovery, fatigue, and the improvement of muscle activity and performance.

    Studies suggest these outcomes are caused by phenibut’s effect on the human growth hormone (6).

    While many of the studies are on animals, there is reason to believe that the influence will be beneficial to humans as well. The overall effect of this influence can boost fitness attributes and promote a balance of mental and physical activities.

    Phenibut can stimulate the growth of bones and increase the production of proteins.

    These phenibut effects can cause individuals to increase muscle mass. In addition, these factors of phenibut use can even positively impact weight and encourage proper utilization of fat.

    By relaxing muscles and encouraging motivation, phenibut can also help to ease recovery ailments. This can also speed up recovery time in some athletes and bodybuilders that can help them get back to their workout routine in no time.

    Helps The Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

    Recovery from alcohol dependence and addiction can cause alcohol withdrawal syndrome. While the study of this use of phenibut is limited, there is reason to suggest that it may ease some of the withdrawal symptoms (7).

    This is because of both alcohol and phenibut work on the GABA receptors.

    Withdrawal occurs during the recovery of someone suffering from alcoholism and can cause withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, cold sweats, fast heart rate, nausea, shaking, anxiety, and even seizures. Phenibut reduces the effect of these severe symptoms.

    By stimulating the same receptors as alcohol, phenibut can reduce cravings. In addition, the effect that phenibut provides can calm and relax an individual. This could help someone get over their dependency on alcohol.

    Phenibut is similar to alcohol in some ways because of the effect on GABA, and they can both ease anxiety, contribute to relaxation, and cause euphoria.

    It is important to note that alcohol dependence can be severe and dangerous.

    While phenibut can help with the recovery process, it is essential to seek the advice of a doctor if you suffer from alcoholism or experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Still, phenibut offers potential as an option for addiction treatment.

    How To Take Phenibut?

    To use phenibut with safety in mind, knowing how it works and what dosages are beneficial is necessary. Phenibut is a drug that can cause side effects if you consume too much.

    Therefore, we will check out proper dosage amounts and the time for onset, but first, it is good to know the popular ways to take it.

    Phenibut often comes as a powder, which can be mixed into water. You can also purchase a phenibut supplement that is already in capsule form.

    Some people like to speed up the onset of their dose by taking their powder doses sublingually or under the tongue.


    The dosage amount depends on the use and will also vary from one person to the next. Therefore, it is crucial to start with the lowest dose possible that provides effectiveness.

    Then, you can gradually increase the dose until desired effects are reached. This lowers the risk of phenibut abuse, overdose and reduces side effects.

    For the treatment of anxiety or cognitive enhancement, we recommend starting with 250 mg. You can take this dose two or three times a day, but make sure you wait until the effects kick in before dosing again.

    For sleep, a single dose of 500 mg usually does the trick. This is enough to alleviate symptoms of insomnia.

    You can increase this dose to 500 mg taken twice a day, but we recommend keeping the amounts at or lower than 1000 mg per day. However, you may find that you need higher doses for similar effects as you develop a tolerance.

    Many cosmonauts recommend cycling it to reduce tolerance. For example, you may take phenibut for 5 days before taking 2 days off.

    How Long Does Phenibut Take To Work?

    Since it has a long half-life, the effects can take some time to appear.

    When taken orally, phenibut takes around 2 hours to offer any outcomes. You may not experience the peak until 4 to 6 hours, especially with lower dosage amounts.

    This long half-life is the reason that you should never increase your dosage before the initial dose kicks in. Doing so can lead to phenibut overdose or addiction that develops with regular use or abuse.

    Does Phenibut Have Side Effects?

    It is considered safe and well-tolerated when taken in regular doses, but some side effects are also to be aware of.

    Higher amounts can increase blood pressure, flushing, tingling, nausea, elevated body temperature, and rapid heart rate. Remember that this supplement is a drug and should be treated as such.


    Never combine phenibut with any drugs or substances that depress the central nervous system or influence GABA including benzodiazepines and alcohol. Doing so will increase the dangers of phenibut overdose and the chances of adverse reactions.

    While overdoses are uncommon, taking more than you need for beneficial effects can lead to extreme overdose side effects and signs like loss of motor coordination, memory loss, extreme fatigue, low blood pressure, drowsiness, and even death.


    Many users self-medicate their anxiety, addiction, fatigue, and other ailments with products containing phenibut, but this can lead to dependence and withdrawal that compromise the safety and increase the risk of the supplement.

    Furthermore, using phenibut with high frequency or extreme doses can also lead to phenibut dependence and addiction. Then, if you stop taking it or drastically reduce doses, you can experience phenibut withdrawal symptoms because the GABA levels will suddenly decrease.

    Phenibut withdrawal symptoms include nausea, vomiting, cravings, sweating, hallucinations, fever, rebound anxiety, and difficulty processing information or forming thoughts. Recovery from addiction to a phenibut supplement involves reducing the dose gradually by 25 percent each week.

    Where To Buy Phenibut?

    Many nootropic stores sell to purchase this Phenibut online. But with so many choices, how can you be sure you’re getting a good deal and potent product?

    Since the quality can vary significantly from one vendor to the next, it is essential to verify their reputation.

    Our recommendation is to buy phenibut from PureRawz as they are known for outstanding customer service, transparency, and pure compounds.


    A phenibut supplement can be beneficial and may work as a cognitive enhancer. This is especially true if you become distracted by stress and anxiety.

    Phenibut compounds can also support a positive mood and boost motivation, which gives them a lot of potential as a unique type of nootropic.

    However, it is not without some risks. Phenibut use and abuse can lead to tolerance and withdrawal, and it is a synthetic drug that can cause side effects and overdose.

    Despite these negative possibilities, it is safe when taken at normal doses and may be beneficial when consumed occasionally in times of unusually high stress.

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    Is Phenibut legal in the US?

    In the United States, phenibut is legal to possess, but the FDA does not approve it as a pharmaceutical drug.

    Does Phenibut make you happy?

    Yes, phenibut can support a positive outlook and improved well-being.

    Can you take Phenibut every day?

    Unlike some nootropics with daily dosage guidelines, phenibut is a drug not intended for daily use, and taking it every day can lead to side effects, tolerance, addiction, and withdrawal.