Performance Lab Sleep Review: Does It Work?

A sleep supplement that optimizes your daytime performance during the busy life.

Performance Lab Sleep Review: Does It Work?

Do you wake up before your alarm clock? Or find it hard to sleep on time? Perhaps you’ve traveled recently and still can’t sync in with your new time zone?

If your days have been muddled in any of these ways, then you know the importance of getting enough rest.

Many people turn to sleep supplements to resolve these issues. Today, we will review one such supplement, Performance Lab Sleep, an all-natural sleep supplement claiming to help you fall asleep faster and more effectively.

The makers behind the brand call their supplement safe for long-term use and non-habit forming. But does it really work as well as its claims?

Let’s find out in this Performance Lab Sleep review to see if it’s worth your money.

Performance Lab Sleep

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Performance Lab Sleep

A sleep supplement that keeps things simple, Performance Lab Sleep banks on its three-ingredient formula to deliver consistent sleep patterns and boost nightly cell renewal.

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    What is Performance Lab Sleep?

    Performance Lab Sleep supplement is produced by Opti-Nutra, a supplement company based in the United Kingdom.

    Alongside providing faster sleep onset, Performance Lab Sleep promises to relax nerves, limb movements, and twitches for a good night’s sleeping experience.

    This supplement contains natural melatonin as opposed to synthetic varieties and is more effective at resolving sleep-related issues.

    Opti-Nutra prides itself on manufacturing supplements that use scientifically-backed ingredients that are 100% vegan, allergen, and GMO-free.

    What is Performance Lab Sleep

    Our experience reveals that instead of using whole foods or standard synthetic methods, the company uses nutrient genesis.

    This is a method of producing specific nutrients in lab conditions from single-celled organisms like yeast. And the result is highly potent nutrients that the body can quickly absorb.

    Performance Lab also has a range of other nootropic supplements, all of which feature clean and natural ingredients.

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    How Does Performance Lab Sleep Work?

    Providing a clean formula with vegan, prebiotic capsules that contain no synthetic additives, preservatives, allergens, and gluten, Performance Lab Sleep boasts a formula that works.

    And the best part about this nootropic stack is that it doesn’t simply focus on a single aspect of sleep.

    Not only does this nootropic supplement bring on sleep faster, but it also prevents the mind from wandering and extends deep phase sleep.

    And by supporting the circadian rhythm, it regulates physiological and behavioral body systems necessary for bodily functions.

    The sleep ingredients in Performance Lab Sleep seem to work by supporting relaxation after you take it. The brain appears to calm down and makes you feel like going to bed sooner.

    Alongside this, the supplements have been designed to relax the nervous system, muscles, and mind.

    What Are The Benefits of Performance Lab Sleep?

    Combining the cumulative sleep-inducing effects of magnesium, l-tryptophan, and Montmorency tart cherry, Performance Lab Sleep is a superior melatonin stack that provides everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

    Performance Lab Sleep benefits and effects

    Encourages Drowsiness

    Performance Lab Sleep encourages drowsiness by supplying melatonin and signaling for serotonin.

    Melatonin production naturally dips during day time, with melatonin levels spiking at least 10-fold higher at night.

    Studies show that melatonin presents the most apparent advantages in adults with sleep problems related to disrupted patterns such as DSWPD or jet lag.

    But it is also equally helpful for individuals with insomnia and other forms of sleep deprivation.

    L-tryptophan is also another excellent ingredient to bring about a feeling of drowsiness. Studies show that taking l-tryptophan supplements twice a day can increase melatonin and improve the sleep-wake cycle (3).

    Soothes Sleep-Disruptive Spasms

    Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is essential for many of its functions. It is involved in many biochemical mechanisms, including muscle contraction and nerve transmission.

    As such, it plays a part in calming muscles as you sleep and is widely used as a remedy for night cramps.

    Individuals with a magnesium deficiency often experience such discomfort in muscles as it competes with calcium to help relax them.

    If the body doesn’t have enough of this mineral, the muscles may contract too much, causing cramps or spasms.

    Research shows taking 300 mg of magnesium daily reduces these symptoms, and Performance Lab Sleep provides an adequate 100 mg along with other effective ingredients to help soothe disruptive sleep spasms.

    Accelerates Sleep Onset

    Many people have trouble falling asleep and often resort to prescription or over-the-counter medication. However, these come with specific side effects and addiction potential.

    Melatonin, on the other hand, is a safer alternative. And many users take melatonin supplements to induce sleep.

    In fact, melatonin is beneficial for bringing on sleep, and it has even been used to treat sleep disorders like insomnia.

    One study evaluated the effect of oral melatonin in patients with insomnia and found that taking the supplement two hours before going to bed improved both sleep induction and sleep quality (4).

    It is also equally effective for treating jet lag, advanced sleep phase disorders, and sleep shift work disorders.

    On its own, it takes melatonin about 30-minutes to kick in, and experts recommend taking it between 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

    But the problem with melatonin-only supplements is that they use synthetic melatonin. Performance Lab supplements counter this issue by using Montmorency tart cherry, a natural and superior source of melatonin.

    Another ingredient, l-tryptophan, a serotonin precursor, has also been used successfully to boost sleepiness and treat insomnia.

    Some research indicates that individuals with severe insomnia may need to take tryptophan for several nights before an improvement in sleep is noticed.

    A large body of research shows tryptophan supplementation can provide sleep benefits in people of all ages. For instance, one study investigated whether the amino acid could increase melatonin levels to induce better sleep.

    Results of the study showed that consuming a breakfast high in l-tryptophan increased sleep efficiency and duration. It also indicated that l-tryptophan also reduced nighttime sleeplessness and sleep latency (5).

    Likewise, magnesium for helping fall asleep faster is also recommended at least an hour or two before you’d like to go to sleep.

    Its ability to relax muscles and nerves is key to getting the body ready for sleep.

    Enhances Nightly Cell Renewal

    Nighttime is the best time for the body to go through its regeneration process. It is when it goes through the critical activities of tissue repair, cell regeneration, and renewal. This is an area where Performance Lab Sleep truly shines.

    Being unable to fall asleep and stay asleep can mess up your day, lead to fatigue, poor concentration, and memory. It can also create problems coping with stress and trigger low mood.

    On the other hand, someone who sleeps well also reaps its perks during the daytime. Well-timed, natural sleep is a time of recovery. At night the body gets a break and utilizes its conserved energy to detox, repair, and heal.

    People’s sleep cycles consist of five sleep phases during which bodily repair functions occur during the later stages of sleep. Cells involved in brain repair are most active during sleep.

    The brain undergoes pronounced changes in its electrical activity during sleep, with many of its cells rewiring themselves. This process is how the brain processes and retains new information learned during the day.

    Sleep also sharpens attention and focus, and any deficit triggered by sleep loss accumulates over time.

    One study followed people who got six hours of sleep for two weeks, with their attention worsening progressively over time (6).

    Other processes that occur with good quality sleep include muscle repair, tissue growth, protein synthesis, and the release of certain neurotransmitters.

    Isn’t Addictive, Unlike Synthetic Sleeping Pills

    Sleeping pills are among the most common prescription medications in the U.S. While sleep aids may be helpful if used once in a while when taken frequently, they can easily lead to dependence or addiction.

    Performance Lab Sleep avoids the use of synthetic ingredients keeping its formula clean and compliant with quality standards.

    While other sleep aids use synthetic ingredients with the risk of dependency and addiction, Performance Lab products keep their Nutricaps free of extra fillers or addictive substances.

    An additional feature of the Nutricaps capsule is that it is made from prebiotic fiber, meaning even the capsule is beneficial for you and supports digestive health.

    It does not present any physical or psychological addiction symptoms, where a person may think they can’t sleep without sleeping pills.

    As there are no symptoms of addiction, individuals using Performance Lab Sleep do not experience any withdrawal symptoms either.

    Performance Lab Sleep Ingredients

    Performance Lab Sleep boasts a well-thought-out but straightforward formula that uses all-natural ingredients.

    Based on our review, every ingredient on the list supports vital elements of the natural sleep process and lets you enjoy a good night’s sleep with every use.

    Performance Lab Sleep ingredients


    Magnesium is critical when it comes to sleep supplements. It is a common addition to many such products, given its nerve and muscle-calming effects.

    A magnesium deficiency is often associated with common sleep disorders. Such people also experience restless sleep and frequent waking during the night (1).


    Opti-Nutra combines three forms of magnesium in Performance Lab Sleep to deliver a triple magnesium hit.

    The formula includes magnesium bisglycinate, magnesium taurate, and Opti-Nutra’s own patented Magnesium Nutrigenesis that binds magnesium and taurine to promote the brain-calming chemical GABA.

    The cumulative effect of this is calming impulses across the nervous system and abating muscle twitches. This helps the body relax and resolves disturbed sleep issues.

    By minimizing the movement of muscles in sleep, magnesium can reduce the number of times you wake up during the night and improve your overall sleep quality.

    The other area this mineral targets is blood pressure by relaxing vascular muscle cells in the body. While a drop in blood pressure is natural while asleep, magnesium expedites this process to get you into sounder sleep much faster.

    Performance Lab Sleep uses Magnesium+, a patented Nutrigenesis magnesium that claims to give it the same effects and quality that it would in a natural environment.

    Performance Lab Sleep yields a generous 100 mg of magnesium per serving.

    Montmorency Tart Cherry (Pure Cherry)

    Also known as sour cherry, Montmorency tart cherries are a natural source of melatonin.

    Unlike other sleep supplements, many of which use synthetic melatonin, Performance Lab Sleep uses Montmorency tart cherry to deliver natural melatonin in a patented form called CherryPURE.

    Montmorency tart cherry

    Melatonin is the primary hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. The body’s pineal gland produces its own melatonin.

    However, certain factors can disrupt melatonin release, which disturbs sleeping patterns. The same also makes it hard to fall asleep.

    Many sleep aids use synthetic melatonin for its cost-effectiveness. However, this is often associated with morning grogginess upon waking up and brain fog throughout the day.

    The form used in Performance Lab Sleep uses a clean concentrate from Montmorency tart cherry delivered in a carefully calculated dose in its capsules.

    Performance lab sleep’s CherryPURE version is more concentrated than what you would find in traditional tart cherry.

    This tart cherry-sourced melatonin helps yield sedating effects, just enough to optimize sleep hormones for a restful night’s sleep. This also helps promote the circadian rhythm, which leads to improving the sleep cycle over time.

    One study found that tart cherry juice concentrate improved sleep quality over placebo over 7 days (2).

    Also, tart cherry comes with the added benefit of increased antioxidant capacity, which minimizes oxidative damage across the brain and body.

    Performance Lab Sleep delivers an effective 500 mg of tart cherry extract in every dose.


    L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid meaning that the body doesn’t produce it but needs to be sourced from foods and supplements instead.


    Once consumed, l-tryptophan gets absorbed and converted into 5-HTP. Then it is converted into serotonin, which has an essential role in mood regulation, relaxation, and overall sleep quality.

    Serotonin is also crucial as it gets converted into melatonin which is key to regular sleep cycles.

    Performance Lab Sleep uses the non-GMO, gluten-free, patented TryptoPure version in its formula. This is arguably the cleanest type of tryptophan available.

    Our review confirms that you get 250 mg of l-tryptophan from each serving.

    Organic Sea Buckthorn

    Sea buckthorn is a hardy shrub that yields berries whose oil is used in supplements for different reasons.

    Sea buckthorn

    With a long history in Chinese medicine, seabuckthorn oil is rich in vitamins and minerals.

    Its fruit contains an exceptional concentration of natural anti-aging vitamin C, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids.

    It’s known to offer health benefits for the heart, immune system and protect against diabetes.

    One serving provides 100 mg of organic sea buckthorn.

    Performance Lab Sleep Reviews: What Do Users Say?

    Users of Performance Lab Sleep report no significant side effects during use. However, some user reviews did report feeling some morning grogginess but adjusting the dose helped alleviate that effect.

    That said, the clear consensus remains that Performance Lab Sleep is one of the best sleep supplements available in the market. It’s a product that ticks all the boxes to make you sleepy faster and sustain quality sleep throughout the night.

    Users also like that the Opti-Nutra brand offers complete transparency regarding its ingredients with dosages displayed clearly, no proprietary blends, and using natural options.

    However, its fundamental standout feature is the inclusion of a natural source of melatonin and high bioavailability magnesium sources.

    Compared to other similar supplements, Performance Lab Sleep may not be the cheapest natural sleep aid on the market, but it is one of the most natural ones.

    Keeping this feature in mind, users don’t mind paying a little extra for a solid sleep experience.

    How To Take Performance Lab Sleep Supplement?

    Performance Lab Sleep supplement is available in easy-to-swallow capsules, Nutricaps, and is suitable for just about everyone looking to sleep restfully. Capsules should be taken with a small amount of water.

    It has an allergen-free, vegan-friendly formula that can benefit everyone from students and professionals to athletes and shift workers who sleep agreeably.

    Anyone looking to improve their sleep cycle should consider taking this supplement.


    The recommended dosage for Performance Lab Sleep is taking 2-4 capsules half an hour before bedtime. Manufacturers recommend using the sleep aid daily for the best results.

    If taking the recommended 2-capsule dosage doesn’t work for you, you can up the number to three and then four pills half an hour before going to bed.

    There have also been some suggestions of cycling the supplement with a 5-day on, 2-day off cycle.

    Users also like to stack this supplement with another Performance Lab product, whole food multi NutriGenesis to help restore healthy cell performance.

    How Long Does It Take For Performance Lab Sleep To Work?

    Based on our experience it typically takes about 45 minutes to fall asleep after taking this supplement (although times can vary for different individuals).

    The most significant advantage of this sleep supplement is that the sleeper wakes up refreshed without feeling groggy, as seen with other similar supplements.

    Does Performance Lab Sleep Have Side Effects?

    Performance Lab Sleep does not seem to present any significant side effects, according to most user reviews.

    One reason for this is the dosage of individual ingredients being well below what would be considered a troubling dose. Another is the inclusion of clean ingredients that do not pose any health concerns.

    Some users, however, do report slight grogginess in the morning. This is easily fixed by adjusting the dosage.

    Anyone using SSRIs should be careful taking these capsules given their l-tryptophan content since both increase serotonin.

    Where to Buy Performance Lab Sleep?

    Like other Performance Lab products, Performance Lab Sleep is also only available from the brand’s official website.

    Performance Lab offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its products and provides worldwide shipping.


    Performance Lab offers multi-box deals on all their products, including their natural sleep aid.

    At the time of writing our review, you can get sleep at the following prices:

    • One bottle for $44 – one month’s supply
    • Two bottles for $88 – two months’ supply
    • Three bottles + One free and free shipping for $132 – four months’ supply


    Overall, Performance Lab Sleep works. There are many ways to enhance sleep, but taking sleep supplements is undoubtedly one of the most popular.

    Our Performance Lab Sleep review proves why this nootropic sleep aid is a straightforward formula with the most effective sleep-promoting ingredients.

    It uses no additives, is non-GMO, allergen-free, and suitable for vegans. With this purchase, you get a quality supplement from a renowned company that effectively takes care of your sleep needs.

    So, to get the best sleep of your life, we recommend Performance Lab Sleep.

    Performance Lab Sleep

    4.8/5 Our rating

    Best choice

    Performance Lab Sleep

    Feel mentally recharged the next day with Performance Lab Sleep’s carefully chosen sleep-inducing ingredients and clean formula.

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    • All-natural, vegan-friendly sleep supplement
    • Helps with falling asleep as well as regulating circadian rhythm, maintaining deep sleep, and relaxing muscles that may interrupt rest
    • Not addictive like many over the counter sleep aids


    • May cause some grogginess in the morning, especially if taken too late at night
    • Some users notice a tolerance if they do not cycle the product