Neuriva Review: Is It An Effective Brain Supplement?

Is Neuriva the real deal or a hyped-up product for mental performance?

Neuriva Review: Is It An Effective Brain Supplement?

Marketed as a nootropic supplement, Neuriva promises to enhance brain performance much the same way as other nootropics do.

However, there is a huge difference that sets Neuriva apart from many other such brain supplements. Whereas other nootropics use a few to several ingredients in their formula, Neuriva uses only two.

So, do the two ingredients in Neuriva perform as well as it claims or falls short of its nootropic promises? Let’s find out in this detailed Neuriva review.

Neuriva Brain Performance
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If you’re looking for a nootropic that offers more than simple brain protection, then Neuriva Brain Performance may not be the right product for you.

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What is Neuriva Brain Performance?

Neuriva Brain Performance is created by Schiff Vitamins, a company that specializes in manufacturing different supplements and multivitamins.

Neuriva Brain Performance is the brand’s brain supplement and also goes by the name Neuriva Original. This distinguishes it from a later update called Neuriva Plus, which has a few additional ingredients besides the two core ingredients found in Neuriva Original.

However, our focus today is on the Original formula and how it stands up to other similar supplements in the current market.

As mentioned above, Neuriva Brain performance relies entirely on two active ingredients to aid with different aspects of brain health and brain function, including memory loss, brain fog, focus, and more.

Manufacturers of this product claim that Neuriva Original uses only clinically proven ingredients that are decaffeinated, and non-GMO to support cognitive function and improve performance.

The brand also carries other products in this line, including Neuriva gummies and Neuriva de-stress.

How Does Neuriva Work?

If you look closely at the purported health benefits of Neuriva Brain Performance, it’s easy to see that phosphatidylserine ends up doing all the heavy lifting in this product.

It is deemed necessary for optimal cognitive functioning, lower stress levels, improved mood by boosting dopamine release, and potentially lower depression in the elderly.

And because it helps restore memory, it is also considered a potential treatment option for dementia.

On the physical front, PS shows positive effects on boosting exercise performance and even potential for improving the sleep experience.

We would have liked to give some of this credit to coffee cherry extract as well, but it just isn’t enough substantial evidence to validate its claims.

The product, unfortunately, does not live up to the hype surrounding it and lacks credible sources to support it.

What Are The Benefits of Neuriva?

Neuriva ingredients claim to perform 5 basic health functions they call indicators of brain performance which our Neuriva review will investigate.

However, we feel that these are tall claims when you only have two active ingredients and nothing else to work with.

Promotes Memory and Learning

The first claim this Neuriva product makes is to boost memory function. This is given phosphatidylserine’s ability to provide structural support for brain cells.

In addition, PS is responsible for regulating, storing, and releasing neurotransmitters in the brain.

It resolves health issues like preventing age-related memory loss and helps offer focus memory learning accuracy.

Most of these health benefits are likely linked to its PS content as phosphatidylserine can aid in cell regeneration which is vital for resolving memory problems.

Improves Focus and Concentration

This is followed by Neuriva claiming to assist with improved concentration and focus. It purports to increase attention span by improving neuron health and acting as a brain booster.

Once again, the credit for this may well go to phosphatidylserine as it acts as raw material in creating new brain cells.

PS assists cognition-related concerns due to brain aging, and higher levels can improve focus and concentration.

Some research with the elderly shows PS supplementation to improve memory scores after 12 weeks.

Another similar study presented evidence that when elderly participants were administered 100 mg of PS for 12 weeks, they scored better on cognitive testing related to memory and concentration (4).

Helps To React Faster With Accuracy

Next on the list is the promise to improve accuracy. Like the first two, this benefit can also be traced back to the potential of PS.

Neuriva Brain Performance promise that your mind will become sharp and respond not just fast but accurately.

This is a nice claim made by a nootropic, but we are unsure how a two-ingredient formula can achieve this. The Neuriva manufacturer is quite vague about this and is entirely banking on the potency of PS to do all the work.

They are relying on one research study on the efficacy of coffee extract to increase BDNF. Other than that, nothing really backs up the claims of Neuriva.

Boosts Concentration On Tasks For Longer

When you have to work on something for a long time, it is customary to lose concentration. Here, Neuriva claims to help you concentrate on tasks for a longer time instead of having to take breaks in between to stay fresh.

The brain health supplement contains phosphatidylserine, which, as already established, helps with neuroprotection and communication.

These benefits of PS may further translate into improved concentration both in terms of quantity and quality.

Strengthen Brain Cells

And the final promise by the manufacturer of Neuriva is to support brain cell strength and integrity.

In this regard, the brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF aids the brain in generating new connections, reviving failing brain cells, and protecting healthy ones.

Additionally, maintaining adequate levels of BDNF protects the brain from neurodegenerative diseases (5).

Ingredients of Neuriva Brain Performance

To gauge the efficacy of the two active ingredients in Neuriva, here is a breakdown of each, along with what they can potentially do to support brain function.

Phosphatidylserine (Sharp PS)

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a well-known ingredient that yields brain-boosting benefits. It is a phospholipid found naturally in the brain and helps support healthy brain cell generation.

Phosphatidylserine also offers brain cell protection and helps with cellular communication, which is crucial for preventing age-related cognitive decline.

PS has also been the subject of a lot of research that establishes it as an effective supplement for memory, focus, and cognition.

For instance, a study conducted in Japan showed that individuals consuming phosphatidylserine supplements had more brain agility and better memory than others (1).

In addition, phosphatidylserine has also been used to treat chronic health conditions like multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease (2).

However, phosphatidylserine levels decline with age, and using phosphatidylserine dietary supplements can help.

Neuriva uses a superior, patented form of phosphatidylserine known as Sharp PS in its formulation.

Neuriva yields 100 mg of Sharp PS per serving, as our review confirms.

Coffee Fruit Extract (Neurofactor)

The second ingredient in Neuriva is a coffee fruit extract. Compared to phosphatidylserine, this is a much lesser-known ingredient in nootropic products.

The coffee fruit extract is derived from the coffee cherry, in this case, Coffea Arabica, whose seeds are popularly known as coffee beans.

Coffee cherry is the brightly colored red fruit that wraps around coffee beans and contains antioxidants and polyphenols that can yield a nootropic effect.

Some evidence suggests that coffee fruit extract or coffee cherry extract can increase the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, also called BDNF (3).

BDNF levels are essential for brain health as it helps build neural pathways and improves focus, memory, learning accuracy, and mental clarity. BDNF also protects against neurodegeneration.

Plus, since coffee cherry extract is made out of coffee fruit, it inherits some of its abilities and offers enhanced skills, reduced stress, better communication skill, and mental clarity.

Neuriva contains 100 mg of coffee fruit extract per serving.

Other Ingredients

The Neuriva label also indicates some other ingredients used in their formula.

These include hypromellose, carrageenan, titanium dioxide, pectin within the capsule, rice bran, microcrystalline, soy lecithin, and silicon dioxide.

These additional Neuriva ingredients are primarily fillers and additives to bind the ingredients together or fill the capsule to maintain its structure and stability.

However, the problem with fillers is that they reduce the number of active ingredients in the capsule and compromise their efficacy. And in the case of Neuriva, you only have two active ingredients competing with a myriad of additives.

However, its upgraded version of Neuriva Plus seems more promising as it includes Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and folate or folic acid to support brain health.

Vitamin B6, for instance, can lower homocysteine levels linked to memory impairment and brain aging. Vitamin B12, on the other hand, may prevent brain atrophy which involves the loss of nerve cells leading to memory loss and dementia.

Likewise, folic acid is also an essential vitamin for brain functions, health, and a deficiency has been linked to rapid cognitive decline.

So, by including these B vitamins into their upgraded formula, Schiff Vitamins definitely stepped up their game from the original blend. However, it is still by no means a miracle pill.

How To Take Neuriva Supplement?

Neuriva Brain Performance is available in a capsule form that should be taken ideally before going to bed for best results.


Manufacturers recommended taking one capsule daily for the age of 18 and above.

The once-a-day supplement should be consumed before bedtime as BDNF mediates plasticity-related changes associated with memory processing during sleep.

Neuriva Reviews: What Do Users Say?

Customer reviews for Neuriva show a variety of results. On the one hand, satisfied user reviews report positive results with a boost in cognition, memory functions, and brainpower after using this product.

On the flip side, other customer reviews report feeling no different after using this dietary supplement. Many of these reviews recommended other products or said they would go back to using their regular supplements.

You may also find an individual reviews indicating an allergic reaction to the product, but this scenario remains rare.

Does Neuriva Have Side Effects?

Interestingly, any side effects of Neuriva don’t seem to exist. While some customers indicate Neuriva not doing anything for their brain health, there aren’t any reports of too many side effects either of this product.

This could be because the product doesn’t carry any risky ingredients for the body, with both ingredients being safe, vegan, and GMO-free.

To be positive, this is a good indication that this brain support supplement doesn’t present side effects, but at the same time, we feel that it may be so because Neuriva is seriously under-dosed.

Evidence from our Neuriva review suggests that there isn’t enough of the good stuff in this formula to show any effect on brain performance.

Phosphatidylserine’s sole potent ingredient naturally occurs in the brain, so supplementing it to boost brain performance makes sense.

However, the same cannot be said of coffee cherry extract. Apart from some limited evidence indicating its ability to raise brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels, there isn’t enough information to consider it a serious brain supplement.

Plus, the 100 mg dose may or may not be enough to deliver any benefits since we don’t know the components of the coffee cherry extract.

So, while there is no validated research or evidence that this Neuriva ingredient delivers any health benefits, Schiff Vitamins still claims that these capsules help customers by reversing the effects on the brain caused by its aging.

Because this product contains rice bran and soy, people with allergies will need to be careful.

Neuriva Limitations

When you compare it to other products, Neuriva Brain Performance leaves a lot to be desired. While it promises all the standard features that any brain-boosting dietary supplement would, it only has two active ingredients.

If you see any benefits of this brain support supplement, it’s pretty clear that phosphatidylserine will generate these. After all, of the two Neuriva ingredients, coffee fruit extract is a relatively unknown component and is missing any clinically proven validation for its beneficial claims.

On the other hand, supplementing 100 mg of phosphatidylserine will offer some memory and focus benefits, but not so much to measure up to an actual nootropic stack.

So, while it’s true that customers using Neuriva may experience a slight improvement in memory and cognitive function, they are unlikely to gain the same effectiveness offered by a full-spectrum nootropic supplement.

Also, the PS used in this product is soy-derived, which is an allergen.

If you are a fan of this product, it may be hard to dissuade you from using it. That said, the most significant drawback factor for us is the lack of any blend of potent ingredients in its formula.

It’s hard to take a 2-ingredient supplement seriously, especially when most other products go further.

Where To Buy Neuriva?

Neuriva Brain performance is available from the brand’s official website. It is also available through other vendors and online retailers for varying prices.

However, the official website will offer the most accurate price, along with any product discounts that may be available.

If you are ordering this product online from other than the Neuriva website, then make sure to go through the product information beforehand and check for customer reviews as well.

Along with the supplement, you can also get access to an app known as the Neuriva Brain Gym. The app is developed by the Reckitt Benckiser Group and works as a training tool to review and assess areas of cognitive improvement on an individual basis.

The Brain Gym app recommends games, training programs and gives scores to track cognitive fitness.


You can get the Original Neuriva formula for as low as $32.99 for 30 pills per bottle and Neuriva Plus for only $44.99.

When you purchase from the original website, Schiff Vitamins offers a limited-time money-back guarantee for customers who did not get the result they were looking for.

However, since it is a limited-time money-back guarantee, it may not apply to every purchase.


To sum up, our Neuriva review finds that Neuriva Brain Performance doesn’t have what it takes to offer nootropic value to users.

It is missing all of the critical ingredients users look for in a quality supplement, and we can’t expect phosphatidylserine to do all the heavy bidding by itself.

On the upside, Neuriva Plus does somewhat redeem the Original Schiff formula with its vitamin B6 and B12 content, but not enough.

It may also not present any side effects but still falls way behind any of the top-tier supplements in the market. It can be considered a phosphatidylserine supplement at best, but comparing it to a full spectrum nootropic just doesn’t cut it for us.

Instead, there are far superior products available, with Mind Pro Lab being a top choice. Now, this is among top-notch, all-inclusive brain boosters and performance enhancers that actually do everything that Neuriva Brain Performance promises but fails to deliver.

Neuriva Brain Performance
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Neuriva will not make the cut when looking for a potent nootropic. Instead, you should pick Mind Lab Pro since it qualifies as a full-spectrum brain-boosting supplement with proven results.

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