Nefiracetam: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

Nefiracetam is a potent nootropic supplement with interesting effects for enhancing focus, memory, and visual acuity.

Nefiracetam: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

Do you get tired of staring at a book or a screen for hours on end trying to be productive? If so, nefiracetam is may be a choice for staying motivated, focused, and stress-free.

These benefits are why nefiracetam is a popular study aid. Still, it is also suitable for workers who lose the ability to concentrate and absorb information before the end of their shift.

We will look at all the benefits, but it is first good to know what type of nootropic it is.

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    What is Nefiracetam?

    Nefiracetam is a synthetic nootropic and member of the racetam family. It was first developed in Tokyo in the 1990s by Daiichi Pharmaceutical to provide anti-anxiety effects besides cognitive enhancing properties.

    Nefiracetam is a derivative of piracetam with a similar chemical structure but with a phenyl group and two methyl groups added to the amine, which increases the potency compared to other racetams.

    Like all other members of the racetam family, nefiracetam has a pyrrolidone nucleus. Thus, it is most similar to aniracetam, and also it is known as a fat-soluble cholinergic compound.

    This nootropic is sold as a prescription drug in Japan and as a dietary supplement in the United States.

    It is commonly used to improve memory, mood, and motivation. Students commonly use it for their studies as well because it can improve concentration and attention span.

    How Does Nefiracetam Work In The Brain?

    There are a few things that nefiracetam does in the brain to provide beneficial effects. It acts on the NMDA and AMPA receptors that alter synaptic strength and protect against excessive glutamate release.

    Too much glutamate can damage brain neurons. This means that this nootropic can protect brain neurons and ensure the growth of new brain neurons.

    In addition, nefiracetam also acts on the nerve growth factor. The neuropeptide NGF also serves to protect neurons throughout the entire brain.

    Nefiracetam modulates GABA levels and plays a role in reducing GABA when there is an excessive amount of increasing GABA levels when there is not enough. The balance offers benefits to mood and anxiety and ensures a healthy release of GABA.

    Another effect that nefiracetam has is the impact on neurotransmitters with the opening of calcium channels. This plays a role in keeping neurotransmitters active longer.

    Nefiracetam also acts on excitatory neurotransmitters, including the potentiation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

    This regulates the release of GABA and glutamate and increases acetylcholine in the central nervous system. The result is improved neuroplasticity, healthy brain cells, and better cognition.

    Finally, the impact on the protein kinase C has positive effects on a person’s emotional state.

    What Are The Benefits of Nefiracetam?

    Nefiracetam offers several benefits as a cognitive enhancer, brain health supplement, and all-around powerful nootropic.

    Improves Memory and Learning

    There are plenty of clinical research studies that highlight nefiracetam’s positive effects on learning and memory. For example, animal studies show that rats supplementing nefiracetam had better recall and improved memory formation (1).

    Researchers believe these properties would be the same as human consumption and could help access deep memories that were once gone because of memory loss.

    The evidence is clear that nefiracetam supplementation could help with cognitive function and information processing. This allows the ability to store information for short-term and long-term memory.

    This effect may be profound enough to make it a potential treatment for memory loss caused by age, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, or brain trauma.

    In addition, nefiracetam is popular because it boosts learning by making it easier to absorb information. The potential to improve learning and memory can help to recall information that would have otherwise been difficult or impossible to recollect.

    Furthermore, the lasting effects on learning and memory may help with problem-solving, productivity, and overall cognition.

    Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

    Like other GABAergics, nefiracetam is good for stress and anxiety. It can help provide a calming effect that can help you relax and reduce distracting and intrusive thoughts that can harm your productivity.

    In addition, it could help reduce the anxiety that can lead to various physical and mental health problems (2).

    The effects of nefiracetam can make it easier to manage stress as well. This can be beneficial for several reasons, including preventing burnout, making it easier to form and articulate thoughts, and improving the overall quality of life.

    It may also boost the body’s ability to resist the harmful impact of stress and reduce anxiety, making it hard to enjoy pleasure. One study conducted found that these relaxing qualities may be strong enough to reduce seizures in rats (3).

    Furthermore, the effect on the protein kinase C can help alleviate depressive behaviors and symptoms of depression, including hopelessness, loss of interest, sadness, excessive sleep, and more.

    Studies suggest it can even elevate the state of mind in people who are not suffering from depression.

    Enhances Motivation and Focus

    Nefiracetam is a superb choice for anyone looking to boost motivation. It can give a feeling of positivity and make even the most tedious tasks seem interesting.

    It can also keep your confidence up and eliminate mental fatigue. Therefore nefiracetam is an excellent option to fight brain fog (4).

    Several studies show nefiracetam can significantly reduce apathy.

    For example, one study on stroke patients experiencing apathy found a significant improvement in apathy scale scores compared with those not treated with nefiracetam. These properties of nefiracetam combine to make a well-rounded, smart drug.

    Furthermore, nefiracetam also offers a feeling of calm focus that can help you increase productivity and concentrate on the task at hand without feeling jittery or anxious.

    Clinical trials show that nefiracetam optimized brain activity that could aid in attention, leading to better memory formation and cognition (5).

    Promotes a Better Visual Acuity

    Researchers believe nefiracetam may be responsible for providing a better visual acuity, brain processes light and color with more efficacy.

    This significant effect means that you can concentrate on the work at hand with less effort and eye strain. In addition, it can make you feel more alert and focused (6).

    Better visual acuity also means that the things you look at will appear more attractive or pleasing because it allows a broader light spectrum.

    Many workers who stare at boring computer screens every day for work find that nefiracetam makes it seem like less of a chore to pay attention to the monitor for a long time.

    Nefiracetam prolongs the heaviness of the eyelids and the drowsiness that is associated with it.

    This can make it easier to stay awake and energized. In turn, output and productivity are bound to increase, and the quality of work could also improve.

    Protects Brain Neurons

    Diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s, stroke, brain damage, and spinal cord injuries can cause brain neurons to die excessively.

    Nefiracetam can protect those neurons as it increases NGF, which is responsible for the healthy growth of neurons in the brain (7).

    In addition, clinical trials show that nefiracetam also has neuroprotective qualities, possibly from the feature that opens calcium channels, which play a role in cellular processes and synaptic transmission.

    This makes nefiracetam a powerful neurotransmission enhancer that may help to ward off cognitive decline.

    Additionally, nefiracetam is great for cerebrovascular disorders. According to clinical studies, this increases blood flow to the brain, thereby supplying it with sufficient oxygen and nutrients that it needs to work effectively (8).

    It may also help thoughts to flow effortlessly, which could cause improved speaking ability.

    How To Take Nefiracetam?

    Nefiracetam is most commonly found in powder form but can come in capsule and tablet formation as well.

    As with other racetam nootropics, it is also a good idea to stack nefiracetam with a choline supplement because it can ward off the negative effects that cause too much acetylcholine or a choline deficit.

    Since nefiracetam is fat-soluble, it can work better if you take the supplement with healthy fats like olive or coconut oil. This can increase the rate of absorption and increase the full effects.

    Nootropic supplements, including nefiracetam, can take up to a week of daily use before you experience the full potential benefits.


    To achieve benefits of nefiracetam fully, it is best to take 2 to 3 divided doses daily. You should always start with the lowest dosage and gradually increase it to find the proper dosage for the results you want.

    Doses can range from 150 mg to 450 mg of nefiracetam, two to three times per day. The first dose should be taken in the morning, with the second and third doses coming before the evening to ensure that sleep habits are not affected.

    What is The Half-life?

    The half-life of one nefiracetam dose is 3 to 5 hours. Typically, the onset is somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes after consumption.

    Higher doses may be felt within 15 minutes. Typically, it will last around 4 hours, but may have a lingering effect for 6 to 8 hours after consumption.

    Does Nefiracetam Have Side Effects?

    There are no toxic effects associated with nefiracetam, but some side effects are to be aware of. The most common side effects are headaches, nausea, irritability, and nervousness.

    Taking nefiracetam with a choline supplement to combat the increase in acetylcholine can help to reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions, especially headaches.

    Even though it is non-toxic, many users report that there is a risk of testicular toxicity. However, average dosage amounts are not known to cause reduced testicular testosterone.

    It may take 16 to 27 grams to have this adverse reaction in a 200-pound male, well above even the highest recommended doses of these nootropics. In addition, the study was on dogs, which metabolize nefiracetam differently than humans.

    If you take prescription drugs, then you should speak with a doctor before drug administration to ensure that there will be no adverse reactions, especially with other prescription drugs.

    Where To Buy Nefiracetam?

    You can find nefiracetam at most stores specializing in nootropics, cognitive enhancers, and related supplements and compounds.

    It isn’t easy to find this nootropic at in-person stores, but plenty of online nootropics vendors can choose from.

    We recommend buying the best nefiracetam from PureRawz, as their nootropics are always third-party tested for safety and purity.


    Nefiracetam enhances memory and can give a boost to your motivation and concentration, making it a splendid choice for those who need help with learning, confidence, and the formation of thoughts.

    It can also help you ward off tension and fatigue. However, while it is safe, some users of nefiracetam feel that regular intake causes too many negative effects to be wholly beneficial.

    Still, many people find it is a suitable option for improving memory, and it is popular among college students and workers that have long shifts.

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