Mind Lab Pro vs. Alpha Brain: Which Nootropic Is Better?

Whether to consider Mind Lab Pro the powerhouse or the subtler service of Alpha Brain?

Mind Lab Pro vs. Alpha Brain: Which Nootropic Is Better?

Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain are both top-rated nootropic supplements that enhance cognition and brainpower.

Both are known for being good at what they do, including lifting brain fog, improving memory, and enhancing overall cognitive function.

Created by Opti Nutra and Onnit, respectively, these two nootropic supplements are often compared relentlessly to see which delivers best.

Here is everything you need to know about Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain. Read on to see a verdict on which nootropic comes out as the winner.


    What’s the Difference Between Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain?

    Two top-tier brain supplements, Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro, have some elements in common, just as there are distinct differences.

    The first thing that users notice is that both supplements have a lot of ingredients on their labels. However, Mind Lab Pro gives precise information about the amounts of its ingredients, whereas Alpha Brain hides the doses within proprietary blends.

    Both brands also use stimulant-free formulas, so you get results without the risk of jitters and crashes.

    Mind Lab Pro

    Minda Lab Pro is a universal supplement designed for people with an energetic lifestyle.

    It is a product preferred by athletes, students, professionals, and the elderly looking to boost and support their cognitive abilities.

    Best choice

    Mind Lab Pro

    Mind Lab Pro surpasses Alpha Brain in terms of transparency, ingredient choice, and performance, making it the strongest nootropic contender in the market.

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    Advantages of Mind Lab Pro

    Mind Lab Pro showcases solid ingredients with stellar nootropics like citicoline, phosphatidylserine as Sharp PS green, lion’s mane mushroom, l-theanine as Suntheanine, maritime pine bark extract, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and Rhodiola Rosea.

    While combined, these ingredients create a synergistic effect that targets six bio pathways in the brain.

    As a supplement, this is a powerhouse of both long and short-term brain benefits for memory, learning, and concentration.

    Recently, we have confirmed in our Mind Lab Pro review that it contains the best assortment of all-natural ingredients that are vegan-friendly, GMO, allergen, and caffeine-free.

    Disadvantages of Mind Lab Pro

    Mind Lab Pro carries a higher price which may make people think twice before making a purchase.

    With so many other similar products available, the hesitancy to invest in an expensive nootropic is understandable. Still, with Mind Lab Pro, you get what you pay for, which is a top-tier supplement.

    Alpha Brain

    Alpha Brain is a nootropic supplement that promotes relaxation while helping you stay calm, alert, and focused when needed.

    Research shows that boosting alpha waves enhances many brain functions.

    The formula has three unique blends: Onnit Flow Blend, Onnit Focus Blend, and Onnit Fuel Blend, whose ingredients work in coherence to deliver a positive outcome.

    Its nutrient profile also showcases impressive ingredients like alpha GPC, huperzine a, l-tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, and pterostilbene.

    Best choice

    Onnit Alpha Brain

    Mind Lab Pro is the pack of power you need to help improve cognitive functions. With clear-cut ingredients and a trustworthy profile, it tops Alpha Brain enough to be known as the best.

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    Advantages of Alpha Brain

    Based on the working mechanism of increased brain waves, Alpha Brain ingredients can improve and support memory, reduce brain fog, and help you think clearly under stress (1).

    Other ingredients in the Alpha Brain boost neurotransmitters that enhance thought processing and facilitate creativity.

    Being a caffeine-free product, Alpha Brain will yield a smooth flow of energy that does not cause nervousness and jitters.

    Disadvantages of Alpha Brain

    Alpha brain is not a product designed to be used by everyone. It contains some ingredients that require recycling, such as huperzine A.

    While huperzine A is an excellent ingredient for the short term, it can be risky when used for more extended periods (2).

    While this nootropic supplement does show results for most people, not everyone may benefit from it.

    Mind Lab Pro or Alpha Brain: The Comparison

    The popularity of both formulas is sure to warrant a comparison between the two supplements.

    To gauge differences and similarities and see how the two hold up against each other, here is a breakdown of the crucial features of Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain.


    Both supplements use various ingredients to achieve their purposes of improving brain power and cognitive health.

    Mind Lab Pro contains a clever blend of 11 nootropic ingredients, including vitamins, amino acids, herbs, plant extracts, and other bioactives.

    Every ingredient is shown clearly on the label with information about individual dosages specified, providing complete transparency to users.

    The formula uses a comprehensive dose of the B vitamins, including vitamin B6, vitamin B9, and vitamin b12. Alongside these vitamins, Mind Lab Pro also contains citicoline, lion’s mane mushroom, bacopa monnieri, and phosphatidylserine.

    To complete the nootropic effect, Mind Lab Pro contains l-theanine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, and maritime pine bark extract to round up its formula.

    This collection of comprehensive ingredients makes Mind Lab Pro one of the most all-inclusive nootropic supplements on the market.

    Alpha Brain also contains 11 ingredients, containing seven of the eleven ingredients found in the competing brand.

    Its ingredients are subdivided into three blends with l-theanine, l-tyrosine, cat’s claw extract, phosphatidylserine, and oat straw extract making up Onnit Flow.

    Onnit Focus uses the nootropics alpha GPC, Huperzia Serrata, Bacopa Monnieri, and vitamin B6.

    In addition, Onnit Fuel relies on pterostilbene and l-leucine to shield the brain from damage and enhance protein production, respectively.

    Then Alpha Brain lists cat’s claw extract as an ingredient with the antioxidant ability and anti-inflammatory potency. This product also contains vitamin B6 for synthesizing neurotransmitters (3).

    When looking at similarities, both brain pills use phosphatidylserine, the amino acids l-tyrosine, l-theanine, vitamin B6, and Bacopa Monnieri as common ingredients in their nootropic formulas.

    This common ground helps both supplements with aspects of neuroprotection, preserving the fluidity and integrity of nerve cells and improving blood flow in the brain.

    Working Mechanism

    Another aspect of comparison between Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain is how these supplements work.

    There is a difference in the working mechanisms of the two nootropic supplements that yield equally impressive results.

    Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement that works by energizing brain cells primarily via citicoline. It contains the patented form, Cognizin, whose role is to improve mental performance by raising acetylcholine levels in the brain (4).

    Other ingredients like lion’s mane mushroom stimulate nerve growth factor production that has neuroprotective properties, while bacopa monnieri offers exceptional nootropic support for human memory on every level.

    Yet other ingredients like l-theanine also regulate excitatory neurotransmitters while acetyl-l-tyrosine improves cognitive performance under stress.

    Then you have Rhodiola Rosea and Maritime Pine Bark Extract that yield anxiolytic and antioxidant effects, respectively.

    Based on this, it’s easy to see that Mind Lab Pro truly works on several bio pathways in the brain and is a complete nootropic stack on its own.

    On the other hand, Alpha Brain’s primary purpose is boosting alpha waves in the brain.

    Alpha Brain manufacturers believe that a relaxed brain can better focus and perform better in all situations.

    It achieves this effect by including calming ingredients like l-theanine, oat straw, and cat’s claw extracts which may also offer sleep benefits by extension.

    Different compounds in each of the Alpha Brain blends have a particular function: Onnit Flow Blend promoting brain waves, Onnit Focus Blend elevating acetylcholine production, and Onnit Fuel Blend improving neuronal communication.

    This cumulative process enhances neurotransmitter levels, increases mind relaxation, and maintains a healthy brain environment.


    Both Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro users are happy to review the outcome delivered after continued consumption.

    Both brands also have a loyal following of users that swear by the supplements’ ability to enhance attention, focus, concentration, recall, and other cognitive functions.

    Evidence from customer testimonials also shows that they are happy with the ways these supplements overcome exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout while improving productivity, motivation, energy, and general functioning.

    However, these supplements work best when taken over a period of time.

    Mind Lab Pro users report feeling the supplement’s short-term potency set if they take it before a demanding task. For example, this can happen when you double the recommended amount of capsules from 2 to 4.

    Otherwise, regular use of this supplement will start presenting long-term benefits after one month’s use.

    For Alpha Brain, the recommended 2 capsule dose will present effects within half an hour of consumption. These can last for up to 6-8 hours.


    The dosage recommendation for both Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain per serving can vary from person to person.

    Manufacturers recommend taking two capsules of Mind Lab Pro with a meal and not exceed more than four pills in 24 hours.

    Makers of Mind Lab Pro also recommend cycling this supplement, taking it for four months safely followed by one week off.

    Alpha Brain should be taken as a dietary supplement alongside a light meal.

    The recommended dosage is two capsules daily, which you can take either simultaneously or separately throughout the day.


    Both Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain are priced on the higher side compared to other similar products. That being said, Alpha Brain has a lower price tag than Mind Lab Pro.

    The manufacturers at Opti Nutra offer a few different purchasing options with pricing as follows:

    • The price of one bottle is $65 for 60 capsules for a 30-day supply
    • The price of two bottles is $130 for 120 capsules for a 60-day supply
    • The price of three bottles is $195 for 240 capsules for a 120-day supply

    When consumers buy more than one bottle of Mind Lab Pro, their purchase qualifies for free shipping.

    The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if consumers are not happy with their purchase. However, this only applies to larger orders.

    Alpha Brain comes in two different bottle sizes with either 30 or 90 capsules in each:

    The official Onnit website offers these purchasing options:

    • The price for the 90 capsule bottle at $79.95
    • The price for the 30 capsule bottle at $34.95

    Other retailers, however, sell the smaller bottle for around $30 at a discounted price.

    Third-Party Testing

    Both Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain are among third-party tested products in the market.

    Every Opti Nutra manufacturing facility is cGMP and FDA-approved, where their capsules are manufactured without additives or fillers.

    Alpha Brain also puts its supplements through rigorous third-party testing through agencies that share the NSF’s goal of providing users with quality products.

    Side Effects

    While both supplements are safe, here is what you need to know when comparing the side effects of Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain.

    Mind Lab Pro carries a clean label without any stimulants or allergens. In addition, users do not report any significant side effects associated with its use, and the supplement seems to carry an extremely reliable safety profile.

    The company ensures that all ingredients get sourced from premium-quality fresh nutrients, free of any chemicals or processing.

    As a result, people who have used this supplement in the recommended doses do not report any side effects.

    Alpha Brain is also considered safe when used as recommended. But given its proprietary blends, there may be chances of unexpected side effects.

    Also, huperzine A is an ingredient that should be cycled and not taken continuously. Using it alongside bacopa monnieri in Alpha Brain may impact the effectiveness of bacopa since it should be constantly used for maximum potency.


    Despite being excellent nootropic supplements, we should mention how Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain ranks in their limitations.

    Mind Lab Pro is a complete nootropic that should not be used with other supplements. This means that people who like to stack their nootropics should not try to do so when using Mind Lab Pro.

    It is intended to be used on its own and not alongside other similar products.

    On the other hand, Alpha Brain contains many excellent potent nootropics hidden within proprietary blends. To some, this comes off as a lack of complete information.

    The premium price tag attached with this supplement may also be too hefty for some.

    Which Nootropic is Better to Buy?

    The standoff between Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain is a close one. However, both nootropic supplements are designed for improving cognition, so likely you won’t go wrong with either.

    Mind Lab Pro’s ability to cater to every age group, including the elderly, gets our vote of confidence. Factors that contribute to the success of its formula include clear labeling, better ingredients, and consistent results.

    In our opinion, Mind Lab Pro shows an edge over its competitor as Alpha Brain delivers a subtler effect and may not be the right supplement for experienced neurohackers.