Hydrafinil: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

Hydrafinil is a powerful nootropic compound often used to stay alert while studying or during long work hours.

Hydrafinil: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

You have probably heard of Modafinil, but it is illegal in the U.S. and pretty expensive. However, there is an alternative option, Hydrafinil.

Hydrafinil is a substance that people commonly add to their nootropic stacks to promote increased energy and improved mood.

While there is limited research on it, you may want to know whether it has the potential to work for these benefits.

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    What is Hydrafinil?

    Hydrafinil 9 hydroxyfluorene, also known as 9 fluorenol or simply fluorenol, is an analog of Modafinil that Cephalon Pharmaceuticals developed. It is thought to be less stimulating and less addictive while simultaneously offering better results as a nootropic.

    It is known as a class of substances called eugeroics that include Adrafinil and Modafinil. An eugeroic is a drug that promotes wakefulness and alertness.

    In addition, it is more eugeroic than Modafinil and seems to have a better impact on energy and mood without causing overstimulation.

    Hydrafinil is not approved by the FDA for human consumption but is often only used for research. Without FDA approval, the strength and safety profile of the supplement are not strictly regulated, so it is best to approach Hydrafinil use with initial caution.

    How Does Hydrafinil Work In The Brain?

    The mechanism of action for 9 fluorenol, or Hydrafinil, is not complicated, but it affects many brain components.

    First, it is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor so that it will increase dopamine concentrations in the brain. Second, by acting as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, Hydrafinil offers a mechanism to enhance mood and cognitive function.

    Some scientists believe it acts more directly, whereas the metabolite of Modafinil may be responsible for some qualities not found in Hydrafinil. However, more research studies need to be completed to examine this hypothesis.

    Hydrafinil also has mechanisms as a 5-HT6 receptor antagonist. This increases the production of a few neurotransmitters, including choline. It may even impact dopamine production, which could be crucial for the drug’s impact on cognitive performance.

    In addition, this mechanism on the 5-HT6 receptor may help to increase glutamate levels. Thus, glutamate offers some additional benefits and effects as improved memory and learning ability.

    There is some evidence that Hydrafinil also increases histamine levels in the hypothalamus. This is important for maintaining circadian rhythm.

    In addition, the increase in norepinephrine levels also boosts energy, focus, and mood to some extent.

    Hydrafinil feels like a calm sense of energy and focus. Users often claim that it feels cleaner and more positive than Modafinil and other related compounds in reviews.

    It can produce slight euphoria and positive stimulant effects without causing the jitteriness of traditional drugs that act as stimulants.

    What Are The Benefits of Hydrafinil?

    Hydrafinil offers many effects that can act together to make a suitable nootropic choice for a wide range of purposes.

    Promotes Wakefulness and Alertness

    Hydrafinil effectively boosts mental alertness and wakefulness because of its impact on the neurotransmitter dopamine concentrations. This makes it an excellent nootropic for staying alert throughout the day without having too many side effects.

    The wakefulness-promoting agents of Hydrafinil may also help you remain focused on the task at hand without distractions or sluggishness that are common later in the day.

    There is no significant crash in the results either, and the effects will lower gradually as you get further into the afternoon or evening.

    While the wakefulness-promoting agents are not fully understood, this is the benefit that many users desire because it can positively affect cognition (1).

    It may even aid with information processing to some extent. It is common for students, night-shift workers, and those lacking sufficient sleep to keep high productivity after taking Hydrafinil.

    Enhances Mood

    Hydrafinil offers more effectiveness as a mood booster than other related drugs, including Modafinil. The alertness associated with Hydrafinil coincides with a mild boost of euphoria that may provide the potential for motivation. An influence on serotonin receptors may cause this effect.

    The mood boost Hydrafinil provides can increase learning abilities, memory, alertness, and overall performance. It is much easier to keep the attention and remain productive when you feel happy, and this improvement may reduce crashes as the effects wear off.

    A comparison of similar drugs and eugeroics shows researchers that the boost in mood is a quality that can also improve the nootropic compound’s cognition purposes.

    Many people find that the enhancement of mood is the difference that makes Hydrafinil the better choice when compared with Modafinil.

    Reduces Daytime Fatigue

    Hydrafinil also reduces or even eliminates fatigue and brain fog. You may have had those days where you cannot seem to get your mind going, and Hydrafinil can help with that. It can also make it easier to recall information by inducing mental clarity (2).

    These benefits can make thinking easier and are likely partially related to norepinephrine and choline levels.

    Research shows that reducing fatigue may help boost memory and reduce the likelihood of burnout disorder. Individuals often use Hydrafinil powder to supplement their daytime energy levels.

    Reducing brain fog can serve several functions because it makes the mental activity more smooth. The positive advantages and results of this role are greater cognition, increased wakefulness, and improved concentration.

    Promotes Better Sleep-wake Cycles

    One side effect of Modafinil and Adrafinil that users often want to avoid is insomnia, which can cause sleep deprivation and a lack of rest that can reduce cognitive function.

    For this reason, Hydrafinil can be a better choice because it offers greater mental capacity without being a potent stimulant drug.

    Many people with shift work sleep disorder and sleep apnea even use Hydrafinil, not merely as a nootropic, but to promote restful sleep cycles. It can promote wakefulness during the day while allowing for adequate sleep at night.

    The differences in the metabolism of Hydrafinil versus Modafinil, Adrafinil, and other eugeroics may be responsible for this quality (3).

    Hydrafinil could even be beneficial for narcolepsy by delaying sleepiness until nighttime. Thus, Hydrafinil promotes a sleep schedule that can also improve overall health.

    Additionally, research evidence shows how important sleep is for brain health, which may mean that Hydrafinil offers some form of neuroprotection.

    However, there are not any human trials yet to study these effects and benefits.

    Less Addictive and Less Stimulating Than Modafinil

    Despite offering so many positive effects, even when compared to Modafinil, research suggests that there may be less risk of adverse reactions and could even be less addictive.

    Of course, addiction depends on numerous factors. Still, Hydrafinil does not seem to offer the potential to be addictive like other nootropics, including other eugeroics, despite impacting dopamine similarly.

    Studies show that the reason for this is the reduction in psycho-stimulation. However, stimulants are known for being addictive, and they can also cause some pretty extreme side effects.

    Furthermore, sometimes you may want to use something for some effects but do not want the jitters, nervousness, and restlessness associated with stimulant drugs.

    Generally, people use stimulants to promote energy, stay alert, and stay awake for a prolonged period. Hydrafinil offers these effects but does not contribute to cravings, tolerance, side effects, and abuse as readily as Modafinil.

    How To Take Hydrafinil?

    Hydrafinil is most often a powder form but can also be in the form of capsules.

    The powder form is not soluble enough to take easily when mixed with water, so capsules are the most convenient method. However, you can get great deals when buying it as a powder.


    Hydrafinil dosage depends on your tolerance and whether you are stacking it with any other supplement. Typically, dosage recommendations range from 50 to 100 mg per dose (4). For 50 mg doses, you can take it up to three times per day.

    However, you should always avoid dosing over 150 mg of Hydrafinil powder in a single day.

    Also, it is best to take the first dose early in the day and avoid dosing too late in the afternoon because even though it is less likely to cause insomnia than Modafinil, it can still cause poor sleep in some people.

    What Is The Half-life?

    Hydrafinil has a shorter half-life than Modafinil. The shorter half-life of around 6 to 8 hours also means that the effects are shorter lasting.

    Typically, the onset is relatively fast, but the duration will peak at 2 to 4 hours. Generally, you will not feel it much longer than 6 hours, whereas Modafinil can last up to 12 hours with a single dosage.

    Does Hydrafinil Have Side Effects?

    While the side effects are mild, especially compared with Modafinil, there are some to keep in mind.

    First, if you look at any Hydrafinil review, you see that it can still disrupt sleep and cause anxiety, but not to the extent of other related substances (5).

    Second, side effects include headaches, nausea, nervousness, and dizziness. Usually, you can reduce and eliminate side effects by reducing your dosage, but for more severe side effects like vomiting, rapid heart rate, or panic attacks, it may be best to speak with a doctor.

    You should also be careful when combining Hydrafinil with ADHD or narcolepsy drugs. When combined with another stimulating drug, the effects can increase tremendously and cause adverse reactions.

    Finally, be careful if you take prescription medications for mood disorders because there can also be negative interactions.

    Where To Buy Hydrafinil?

    With a rise in popularity, there are many places online to buy Hydrafinil powder.

    However, depending on your purpose with this eugeroic, you want to ensure that you buy from a vendor that cares about viability, safety, strength, and transparency.

    The best place to buy Hydrafinil from PureRawz, as they ensure their nootropics compounds are safe and pure for research.

    Furthermore, Hydrafinil is usually available at a lower price than Modafinil.


    A Hydrafinil supplement can be an interesting choice for increasing attention span, information processing, mental performance, and various cognitive functions.

    Furthermore, it can provide a boost to your energy level without causing a significant amount of negative reactions.

    Hydrafinil is a superb eugeroic choice for students, hard workers, weekend warriors, and those who are tired or sleepy during the day. In fact, it may even put you on a better schedule for overall health.

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