Genius Mushrooms Review: Is It Worth It?

Fuel your mind and body with a powerful blend of healing mushrooms.

Genius Mushrooms Review: Is It Worth It?

If you only know mushrooms as a pizza topping, think again. These are fungi that are considered superfoods able to change your physical and mental health.

Many edible mushrooms come packed with healing nutrients and beneficial antioxidants that promote nervous system functioning and prevent neurodegeneration. So much so that some even promise lowering or delaying the development of dementia.

So, how do you get all this mushroom magic into your diet? You look for a health supplement that can compress these benefits into a compact serving.

Genius Mushrooms

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Genius Mushrooms

Harnessing the power of three robust mushrooms, Genius Mushrooms doubles up as an effective ergogenic supplement with nootropic benefits.

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    What Are Genius Mushrooms?

    Genius Mushrooms is a product offered by the Genius Brand to target key areas of cognitive performance.

    The Genius Brand is synonymous with manufacturing other nootropic products like Genius Consciousness, Genius Joy, and Genius Mindfulness, to name a few.

    For the Genius Mushroom formula, the supplement blends three medicinal mushroom types that condense the aspects of mental clarity, immune function, natural energy, and stress response into one vegetable capsule.

    What is Genius Mushrooms

    Manufacturers at the Genius Brand claim their product improves cognitive function by increasing resiliency, concentration, memory, focus, and energizing the brain.

    Advertised as an organic, non-GMO, and grown in the USA product, Genius Mushrooms has a loyal fan following.

    But can three mushrooms provide all this brainpower, or does the Genius Mushroom formula fall short of these claims? Let’s find out in this Genius Mushrooms review.

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    How Do Genius Mushrooms Work?

    Genius Mushrooms components have been specifically chosen for their nootropic benefits and it is tightly focused stack with only three ingredients.

    You don’t get much else than the mushrooms advertised, so you may need to stack it with additional nootropics for optimal brain function and performance.

    Supplements containing mushrooms usually target focus, immune health, mood enhancement, and an energy surge. Genius Mushrooms delivers on all these fronts.

    Our experience shows that due to its adaptogenic qualities, it delivers energy when you need it, improved focus and memory, better stress response, and increased alertness with continued use.

    What Are The Benefits of Genius Mushrooms?

    Genius Mushrooms is one of those health supplements that offer beneficial effects in diverse areas of overall wellbeing.

    It can cover everything from immune support and cognition to improving energy, promoting weight loss, and reducing depression.

    Genius Mushrooms benefits and effects

    Boosts Immunity

    There is a lot of information showing that mushrooms have impressive potential for boosting immunity.

    This ability comes from the powerful polysaccharides called beta-glucans present in medicinal mushrooms. Since it can be hard to pick one mushroom as the most effective for immune support, nootropics will usually mix a few or use an immunity blend for maximum potency.

    Each beneficial mushroom used in health supplements or nootropics contains various nutrients and compounds to support immunomodulation.

    While these healing mushrooms have an immense history in Eastern medicine, they are still new to the West, and information regarding efficacy from human studies is still early.

    So instead of treating them as cure-all solutions, it may be better to consider them as sidekicks for your immune system.

    Cognition Enhancement

    Mushrooms for improving cognitive performance can target everything from mild cognitive impairment and cognitive deterioration to dementia.

    Each is a stage of impaired thinking where cognitive performance deteriorates gradually and may end up with severe mental decay.

    However, mushrooms like lion’s mane and reishi have a reputation for preventing the effects of cognitive decline as they work to support neuronal activity in the brain.

    Lion’s mane mushrooom, for instance, is known to regenerate brain tissue and support brain cell growth. By aiding the communication between nerve impulses, enhancing NGF levels, and regrowing the myelin sheath, it can assist healthy nerve activity and cognitive ability.

    On the other hand, Ganoderma Lucidum has a high antioxidant content that improves cognitive function and focuses on lowering tissue damage and cell aging, leading to cognitive decline.

    Various substances from edible mushrooms could also inhibit beta-amyloid and phosphorylated tau production. When present in abundance in the brain, these are two toxic proteins, coinciding with Alzheimer’s and the development of other forms of dementia.

    Improves Natural Energy Levels

    Information on the nutrition of mushrooms shows that these have been used widely as health foods given their protein, vitamin, mineral, and dietary fiber content.

    Among these, many studies have investigated the effect of mushroom supplements and extracts on reducing fatigue and improving energy levels (9).

    Chief among these is cordyceps that deliver cordycepin to the body. This is a bioavailable compound that shares molecular similarities with ATP, the primary energy carrier in cells.

    The body uses this compound as ATP without having to exhaust energy to make it. Plus, cordyceps also support lung health assisting oxygen absorption, which helps endurance.

    Reishi is another stellar option for energy support that does its work by reducing inflammation, fighting fatigue, and preventing muscle aches.

    Helps With Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

    Different mushroom types are known for mind-calming properties, with Reishi and lion’s mane being two prominent options.

    Reishi is known for balancing bodily functions and systems. Considered a soothing and relaxing mushroom helps the mind unwind from stress and supports a deeper restful sleep.

    Lion’s mane targets mood disorders by reducing inflammation that has been linked to a higher risk of anxiety and depression.

    Reduced inflammation improves blood flow to the brain, which provides it with more oxygen. Restoring supply also counters the effect of impaired thinking and anxiety caused by insufficient oxygen to the brain.

    Provides Anti-Cancer Support

    Medicinal mushrooms have underlying cancer-preventive qualities. Research strongly suggests that consuming these regularly over extended periods can reduce the risk of cancer incidence.

    To eliminate and handle tumor cells, the immune system must be fully functional. People who have compromised immunity also have the least resistance against cancer.

    Research shows that a combination of cordyceps and Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom extracts may help improve the quality of life for patients with advanced cancer. Researchers believe that mixing different mushrooms may maximize the immune response by stimulating the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

    Genius Mushrooms Ingredients

    The Genius brand only uses the three following mushrooms in their product to deliver well-rounded health benefits.

    Genius Mushrooms ingredients

    Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris)

    The first ingredient on the Genius Mushroom label is cordyceps. This mushroom has a long history in traditional medicine and is accredited with benefits like mood and memory enhancement, anti-aging, and lowering inflammation.

    Two of its species, in particular, have received a lot of attention among nootropic enthusiasts.

    • Cordyceps Sinensis has been studied for its effects on cognitive performance, neuroprotection, Alzheimer’s research, and athletic performance.
    • Cordyceps Militaris has received attention regarding its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-tumor properties.

    Cordyceps gets its healing potential from its active compound cordycepin, thought to be responsible for its immune-boosting and antioxidant effects.


    One of the biggest attractions for research regarding this mushroom is its potential to slow the growth of cancer cells or tumors. Studies show that Cordyceps Militaris, in particular, can be pretty effective in mitochondrial apoptosis in cancer patients (1).

    Tests show the mushroom to possess neuroprotective properties in the hippocampal region of the brain. This is where dementia is found and may help with enhancing mental clarity (2). 

    On another note, animal studies show that this mushroom can increase the antioxidant content in aged mice, boosting their memory and sexual function (3).

    For athletic ability, the cordyceps mushroom can increase the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate that carries energy within cells and delivers it to the muscles. This may improve oxygen utilization, especially during exercise.

    Genius mushrooms deliver 500 mg of cordyceps in their formula.

    Lion’s Mane Mushrooms (Hericium Erinaceus)

    As part of a health supplement, lion’s mane mushrooms claim benefits associated with brain repair, mental clarity, focus, heart health, cancer protection, inflammation reduction, and supporting immune function.

    Its most prominent feature, however, seems to be its impact on brain cells and related functions.

    One of the essential mechanisms of lion’s mane supplements involved in improving brain function is enhancing neurite outgrowth. This refers to the growth of axons and dendrites in the brain.

    Lion's mane mushroom

    In a nootropic capacity, this has the potential of preventing neurodegeneration. This is a process where new growth starts to occur when old neurons begin to die due to aging. If these are not replaced immediately, age-related cognitive decline starts to set in.

    Another benefit associated with this feature is to help recovery after brain injury or concussion.

    Another aspect of neural degradation is when neuroplasticity doesn’t happen as it should. This refers to the brain’s ability to change its neural pathways through growth and reorganization.

    If this ability to make new connections is impaired, you may experience memory loss as your short and long-term memory starts to suffer (4).

    Lion’s mane mushroom also presents excellent effects for supporting the immune system. Given its beta-glucan content, lion’s mane mushroom acts as an immunomodulating agent that fights disease and infection to promote overall health.

    Beta-Glucans can trigger immune activation leading to anti-cancer activity. They can also spur immune cells to produce anti-cancer compounds known as cytokines that regulate inflammation and help fight diseases like cancer (5).

    Our Genius Mushrooms review confirms, there is 500 mg of lion’s mane in every serving.

    Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum)

    Reishi mushroom, which also goes by its scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum, is another popular mushroom hailing from Eastern medicine.

    Reishi also boats several beneficial effects that include boosting the immune system and fighting cancer.

    Ganoderma Lucidum is believed to get most of its health benefits from its active compounds of triterpenoids, polysaccharides, and peptidoglycans.

    To support immune health, test-tube studies show that reishi mushrooms can affect the genetic content of white blood cells, which are critical for improving immunity.

    Reishi mushrooms may also increase the number of white blood cells in people with colorectal cancer (6).


    Other possible reishi mushroom benefits include reducing fatigue and depression, increasing HDL cholesterol, lowering blood glucose and blood pressure, and offering antioxidant support.

    As a nootropic, Ganoderma Lucidum is primarily used for its effects on anxiety and stress relief by calming the mind (7).

    One study recruited volunteers suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and administered either reishi extract or a placebo.

    At the end of the study, results showed that participants who used the reishi extract reported a decrease in fatigue and increased quality of life compared to the placebo group (8).

    Reishi mushrooom can also support the growth of the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) that improves learning, memory, and longevity.

    You get 500 mg of Reishi per serving of Genius Mushrooms.

    Other ingredients

    The supplement uses other inactive ingredients like ascorbyl (vitamin c) silica and palmitate to assist with delivering the active ones.

    How To Take Genius Mushrooms Supplement?

    The manufacturers of Genius Mushrooms use complete transparency regarding its ingredients and give their customers exact information on how much they are getting of each ingredient in their products.

    There are no proprietary blends or cap fillers, making the formula more potent without taking away from its efficacy.


    While mushrooms are typically used in a powdered form, Genius Mushrooms use an encapsulated form instead.

    To use Genius Mushroom, take three capsules per day, with 8 ounces of water about 20 minutes before eating.

    If handing three capsules is too much, you can also take one capsule three times daily before meals. Our experience indicate that the effects become more pronounced with daily dosing.

    Do Genius Mushrooms Have Side Effects?

    Like their other products, Genius Mushrooms uses ingredients that are naturally sourced and used without processing. However, the mushrooms may still present some side effects or be unsafe to use under certain conditions.

    For instance, cordyceps mushroom is only considered safe when taken for the short term. Some user reviews indicate that it may present minor discomforts like diarrhea, constipation, or abdominal pain.

    It is also not safe to use cordyceps before or after surgery as it increases the risk of bleeding.

    Reishi mushroom is also safe to use for a short period only and may trigger allergic reactions in the throat or nasal passage. Reishi has been known to trigger liver issues or make them worse.

    Lion’s mane mushroom is contraindicated for people with severe allergies or those with an overactive immune system.

    So, while the Genius Mushrooms ingredients do boast various benefits, their interactions with other medications warrant caution.

    Genius Mushrooms Limitations

    In our review, we appreciate that the makers of Genius Mushrooms supplements have used well-researched nootropics to put in their product. However, in the end, it is only mushrooms and not much else.

    If you’re looking for a product to help you calm the mind, deal with daily challenges, and allow you to utilize the brain’s natural energy, then Genius Mushrooms is what you’re looking for.

    At best, it will work well as a daily supplement but may not provide an acute mental boost.

    Where To Buy Genius Mushrooms?

    You can order Genius Mushrooms from the brand website. The Genius Brand prices their product at $24.99 for 90 vegetable capsules.

    However, the price can vary if you look at other online vendors offering the product.

    There is a return policy on the official website for customers who are not satisfied with their supplements. The Genius Brand provides a 30-day window after shipping to customers who want a refund or wish to exchange the product.


    Genius Mushrooms supplements yield an excellent mushrooms stack that helps with brain and body enhancement with on-point dosage to get the job done.

    It uses three of the best quality mushrooms for cognitive benefits, immunity, and energy support.

    While it does an excellent job as an anti-depressant and immunity booster, our review tells us that there are certainly better universal nootropics that serve as cognitive enhancers.

    Genius Mushrooms

    4.5/5 Our rating

    Best choice

    Genius Mushrooms

    Making a solid choice with cordyceps, lion’s mane, and reishi, Genius Mushrooms promises neuroprotection, energy, and immune support in a well-rounded formula.

    Check better alternative


    • High-quality ingredients containing the three best types of adaptogenic mushrooms
    • Significant and noticeable impact for the claims of improved cognition, immune response, natural energy, and mood
    • Uses capsules for dosing convenience
    • Label transparency ensures safe and effective use for mental health


    • Contains only mushroom varieties, so for complex nootropic outcomes, you have to stack it with another product
    • Possible side effects can cause allergic reactions in some people