Centrophenoxine: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

A potent synthetic nootropic supplement for improved brain health, mood, energy levels, and anti-aging features.

Centrophenoxine: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

Some newer nootropic compounds do not have substantial research to prove the health benefits, but Centrophenoxine has tons of studies since it was first synthesized.

During the recent increase in the popularity of nootropics, many people are turning to Centrophenoxine to add to their stack.

Since there is so much research on Centrophenoxine, there are many benefits backed by scientific studies. In addition, it is an excellent option to stack with other nootropics to boost the effects.

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    What is Centrophenoxine?

    Centrophenoxine, also known as Meclofenoxate, was first synthesized in France in 1959, making it one of the oldest nootropics.

    It is an ester, or chemically derived compound, of dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) and parachlorphenoxyacetic acid (pCPA). While DMAE seems to influence choline levels, it does not readily cross the blood-brain barrier.

    This is where Centrophenoxine differs. Since Centrophenoxine can cross the blood-brain barrier, it is a better choice for increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain. The effect improves cognitive function and overall brain health.

    Centrophenoxine is a prescription medication under the brand name Lucidril in some regions around the globe. Lucidril is prescribed for the effects of brain aging and brain injury and to reduce mental fatigue.

    In the United States, however, Centrophenoxine is sold as a dietary and nootropic supplement.

    How Does Centrophenoxine Work In The Brain?

    Centrophenoxine does a few different things in our brain and body that provide benefits.

    First, crossing the blood-brain barrier can boost the enzyme acetylcholinesterase in the brain, which is used to break down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine activity.

    Increasing acetylcholine production helps increase choline levels, which are necessary for cognition and proper function of the brain and production of neurons.

    It may also help with glucose uptake, an essential process for a healthy nervous system and brain.

    Centrophenoxine also helps with age-related issues caused by lipofuscin, which hides in brain cells and other cells. When lipofuscin builds up in the cells, it can create a toxic problem with cellular waste and causes liver spots.

    Centrophenoxine helps to clear out the cellular waste and improve cell health and extend cell lifespan. This is good for overall health and for fighting the natural reduction in cognition caused by aging.

    What Are The Benefits of Centrophenoxine?

    There are several beneficial effects of taking Centrophenoxine that make it a popular choline source and nootropic choice.

    Improves Memory and Learning

    By influencing acetylcholine, Centrophenoxine can enhance learning and memory. It helps to process information and formulate proper memories adequately. In addition, it can improve the clarity and formation of distant memories (1).

    Studies show that Centrophenoxine can aid with the storage of memories and the recall of long-term memory. It may even increase processing speed and focus, making it more likely that an event or experience will be converted into brain storage and memory.

    One animal study shows that Centrophenoxine also impacts brain plasticity and neuronal growth (2).

    This could help with memory and learning abilities because it allows the brain to adjust to new circumstances and changes. It may also help with learning new ways to solve problems and boosting creativity.

    Finally, there is also evidence that Centrophenoxine will also help reduce the impact of age-related memory loss. 

    Multiple research studies show that it helps with learning and memory recall in those of advanced age. This is especially true with individuals who have lower than normal acetylcholine levels caused by aging.

    Enhances Brain Energy Levels

    One of the other desired effects of Centrophenoxine is its ability to improve brain chemistry via oxygen and glucose absorption. This has several nootropic benefits and promotes overall brain health and cognitive function.

    For proper brain functions, we need a good supply of oxygen and nutrients. This, as well as the influence on glucose, converts into energy and healthy brain cells.

    Centrophenoxine can increase the blood flow to the brain, causing us to have boosted mental energy levels (3).

    This effect also influences how we feel throughout the day. Therefore, it can help to reduce or eliminate brain fog and mental fatigue.

    While Centrophenoxine is only mildly stimulating, this benefit and other effects impact natural energy prolonged throughout the day.

    Finally, Centrophenoxine can help to eliminate toxins that can negatively impact brain functions and energy. This can aid cellular health and make it easy for nerve cells, cell membranes, and other components to receive adequate nutrition.

    Increases Longer Lifespan

    One of the properties that intrigue researchers the most is the anti-aging effect that Centrophenoxine offers. Animal studies show the effectiveness of this feature could be enough actually to increase lifespan.

    Centrophenoxine reduces the abundance of toxins that naturally build up as we age. This can help reduce the impact that aging has on the body and mind to retain your cognitive ability for longer.

    It primarily works by eliminating free radicals and lipofuscin. This means that it reduces the impact of oxidative stress.

    Not only can this be great for older individuals, but it may help to prevent age-related decline if neurohackers take the supplement at a younger age.

    In addition, research shows that the anti-aging features of Centrophenoxine could help to reduce the impact that age has on memory and cognitive properties.

    Scientists do not fully understand the mechanism of action behind these age-related results. Still, it could be beneficial to supplement this anti-aging nootropic to prevent the cognitive damage of poor brain health.

    In turn, this can increase the length and health of your life and make it a potential drug for treating dementia in the elderly.

    Promotes Better Cognitive Functions

    Centrophenoxine has a few different mechanisms that help to boost cognition. First, it increases the concentration of acetylcholine in the brain and reduces the impact of harmful molecules on the brain and body.

    This can impact mental and cognitive properties, and it has better bioavailability when compared with some other nootropic supplements.

    One study on human subjects shows that Centrophenoxine might increase focus enough to aid in treating ADHD.

    This is especially true when combined with more traditional substances. It also seems that it could improve focus and attention span among those who do not have ADHD.

    One of the reasons that Centrophenoxine is good for memory is its effect on information processing. This makes it easier to complete tasks successfully and for a more extended period without causing mental fatigue and burnout.

    Even though Centrophenoxine is synthetic, research shows that it still impacts many natural features in the brain and body, such as acetylcholine amounts, choline metabolism, and the prevention of harm caused by free radicals.

    These effects have a potentially drastic impact on overall cognition.

    Has Neuroprotective Properties

    The effects of Centrophenoxine also offer mechanisms that are beneficial as a neuroprotectant. For example, it could be helpful for those suffering from brain injuries or damage to the brain caused by stroke or natural deterioration (4).

    It prevents harmful effects to the brain, but one research team found that their study on the rat brain showed that it could even help repair existing damage.

    Centrophenoxine also reduces the accumulation of toxins in the brain and body. Scientists believe these findings could make it a potential option to treat dementia.

    In addition, Centrophenoxine supplements act as an antioxidant compound to repair damage caused by free radicals and the oxidation of fat in cell membranes that occurs with neurodegeneration and similar disorders.

    This component may be beneficial to prevent burnout and fatigue after concentrating for a prolonged period and prevent decline that occurs as we get older.

    Finally, as a choline source that boosts levels of acetylcholine, Centrophenoxine may also help keep the brain functioning normally without decline even when the person undergoes high levels of stress, injury, and cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease.

    Enhances Mood and Motivation

    Centrophenoxine also has nootropic properties that can offer an improvement to overall mental health. It can boost mood and may help increase motivation and productivity by increasing the pleasure achieved by good performance.

    One study shows that Centrophenoxine has positive effects of reducing anxiety’s impact on the body, mind, and motivation (5).

    Thus, reducing stress can help you keep your work production and mental activity at optimal levels even in a stressful situation.

    The mood boost can also support the enhancement of our concentration because negative thoughts can be distracting. In addition, these effects could be profound and may even help those who struggle with depression or bipolar disorder.

    If we feel good about our work, we are likely to ward off drowsiness and reach our full potential. This is especially true for support for people easily influenced by stress, grief, and other negative emotions.

    This can boost our energy and motivation level and provide us with an overall positive nootropic experience.

    How To Take Centrophenoxine?

    Centrophenoxine comes in capsules or powder form, and it should be taken with food for efficacy since it is fat-soluble. It is also best to take Centrophenoxine in the morning and early afternoon.


    The recommended dosages for Centrophenoxine are 250 to 2000 mg each day.

    It is also best to split this amount into two separate doses because lower doses are used for acute nootropic benefits. On the other hand, you may require a larger dosage if you use it for the anti-aging effects.

    It is always best to start with a low dosage and gradually work your way up. Reviews show that it takes 30 minutes to an hour to take effect, with capsules taking a little longer than powder to provide results.

    Since Centrophenoxine is a choline source, it works best when taken regularly so that your body can build up choline.

    Finally, to avoid tolerance or an over-accumulation of choline, it is best to take Centrophenoxine 5 days on and two days off.

    What is The Half-life?

    The half-life of Centrophenoxine is short at only 30 to 45 minutes. 

    This is why it is best to divide the dosage into two servings and take it regularly or daily. Also, since it deteriorates rapidly, it is a good idea to stack it with other nootropics.

    Centrophenoxine Stacks

    Many people take Centrophenoxine with other nootropics to boost the results and increase its impact on their minds and bodies.

    Science shows that using a nootropic stack combination is more effective and can amplify beneficial results.

    Centrophenoxine and Piracetam Stack

    Piracetam is a member of the racetam family, and racetams generally stack well with Centrophenoxine. The impact that Centrophenoxine on choline can extend and increase the results of piracetam.

    Furthermore, the impact that it has on free radicals may help to counter side effects. This is also a great stack if you are looking for nootropics to boost mood and reduce stress while also supplementing memory.

    The recommended dose of Centrophenoxine is 250 to 500 mg when combined with 750 to 1000 mg of piracetam. This stack can be taken one or two times per day.

    Centrophenoxine and Noopept Stack

    Noopept works well in combination with Centrophenoxine if you are looking primarily for an impact on learning or memory.

    Both compounds also offer a neuroprotective component that can be highly beneficial to mental clarity and mood.

    A Noopept dose of 20 to 30 mg combined with 250 to 500 mg of Centrophenoxine can be taken up to two times per day for the best results.

    Centrophenoxine and L-Theanine Stack

    L-theanine is great for stress reduction, improve the relaxing and focus qualities of Centrophenoxine.

    It can also help reduce side effects associated with the mild stimulant features and increase the impact that Centrophenoxine has on mental fatigue.

    250 to 500 mg of Centrophenoxine can be consumed with 250 to 400 mg of L-theanine one or two times daily.

    Does Centrophenoxine Have Side Effects?

    Centrophenoxine is safe and non-toxic, and most neurohackers can take it with no issues. However, some side effects can occur.

    The most common side effects are extreme fatigue or drowsiness, confusion, increased blood pressure, headache, nausea, and irritability.

    In addition, combining with other nootropics that influence choline and acetylcholine can increase the risk of side effects.

    You should avoid taking Centrophenoxine if you have epilepsy or bipolar disorder, or any other safety concerns. Finally, if you are on any prescription drugs, be careful to avoid drug interactions.

    Where To Buy Centrophenoxine?

    You can buy Centrophenoxine at many nootropics stores online, but some are more expensive or less potent than others.

    Therefore, it is crucial when looking for Centrophenoxine to find a reputable company to ensure safety and effectiveness with every dose.

    But unfortunately, Noohackers often find a vast difference between the best companies and the average ones.

    Our recommendation is to buy Centrophenoxine from PureRawz. They are known for superb customer service, transparency, and potent products. In addition, each purchase comes with a 30-day guarantee, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


    Centrophenoxine can deliver nootropic results like improved memory and mood, decreased stress, reduced fatigue, and enhanced focus.

    In addition, evidence shows that it also provides mild stimulant effects for a moderate boost to your energy. The unique feature, though, is its ability to reduce the impact of aging on the body.

    It is crucial to keep in mind that it is a synthetic supplement and can cause an overabundance of choline, leading to unpleasant side effects.

    Still, Centrophenoxine is a popular choice for people of all ages looking for a cognitive edge in their performance.

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