Bromantane Review: Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

Bromantane is a nootropic popular with athletes because it can boost mental and physical performance at the same time.

Bromantane Review: Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

A lot of nootropics work solely on cognition, but bromantane offers physical health benefits as well.

If you suffer from poor motivation, brain fog, fatigue, or weakness, then bromantane may be an exciting nootropic option.

Bromantane works for brain function in a variety of ways to produce beneficial effects. It is also a nootropic that flies under the radar but can be a great choice nonetheless.

So, keep reading to learn more about this nootropic substance and how it works.

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What is Bromantane?

Bromantane is a nootropic drug that was first developed in Russia in the 1980s. Russian scientists developed this nootropic as an adamantane derivative to treat neurasthenia or mental and physical fatigue.

Bromantane is a synthetic adaptogen, which means it belongs to the class of compounds known as actoprotectors, which can boost physical activity, especially under extreme environmental conditions.

In Russia, bromantane is approved for the treatment of neurasthenia, but it also offers several other cognitive benefits. While the FDA does not approve it in the US, it is still available as a nootropic supplement.

Unfortunately, it also helps with physical production enough to be banned from sports competitions worldwide, including the Olympics.

How Does Bromantane Work In The Brain?

Bromantane works by stimulating the activity in the hippocampus, which is essential for regulating neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin.

This makes it a mild stimulant, but unlike typical psychostimulants, it also has anxiolytic effects, according to the Russian journal, Eksp Klin Farmakol.

It also increases tyrosine hydroxylase and the amino acid decarboxylase, which influence dopamine activity and dopamine reuptake. This can improve overall brain activity and promote wakefulness and alertness.

Bromantane may also affect GABA, which can help provide relaxation while also working to relieve fatigue.

Since bromantane has a different mechanism of action when compared with typical stimulants, it balances out overall brain health and boosts the immune system.

Because of these mechanisms, it often has less side effects and reduced addictive potential.

What Are The Benefits of Bromantane?

Bromantane offers a lot of different benefits for overall health. The properties are so wide-ranging that it can be a superb choice for workers, athletes, and those undergoing high-stress levels.

Let’s look at each of the primary beneficial effects.

Improves Brain Function

Bromantane affects brain health in a few different ways. For example, animal studies show that it can improve alertness, concentration, focus, and wakefulness (1).

It also has other effects on cognition, including improved learning and motivation. It can also enhance both long- and short-term memory and the ability to process memories for recollection.

The effect could be profound enough to be a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Another effect is that bromantane has a positive influence on planning. This is related to bromantane’s impact on focus because it allows a user to see the big picture and plan further ahead with accuracy.

Workers have found that it can help their productivity and reduce stress from overwhelming work capacity.

In addition, clinical trials show this effect could be strong enough to offer an anxiolytic effect, making it an excellent choice for those who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Moreover, it may even moderately boost mood and mental performance, according to at least one study.

Helps With Neurasthenia

Neurasthenia is one of many asthenic disorders that cause fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. Bromantane has multiple effects that can help with problems.

First, it can help with sleep associated with neurasthenia, which can, in turn, improve the other symptoms (2). Second, since it can stimulant the central nervous system, it may also provide energy levels to break through brain fog.

Neurasthenia and the fatigue that it causes can make it hard to be motivated. Bromantane can help with the improvement of mental weariness to fight sluggish thoughts and poor focus.

In addition, it can significantly improve concentration enough to reduce distractions even if you are feeling tired or slow.

The improvement of cognitive efficacy and brain activity may be enough to reduce ADHD symptoms. This is because it helps someone eliminate mental weariness and intrusive thoughts by providing calm but alert feelings.

All of this means that it is a promising nootropic drug for treating asthenic disorders.

Boosts Physical Performance

Bromantane is a smart drug, but it is also great for mental and physical performance.

One study shows it may influence the neurotransmitters adrenaline and noradrenaline levels, which help with physical activity and provides an energy boost (3).

It may even help the body adjust to a higher physical work capacity and the strength to wield heavier physical loads. These effects of bromantane may also help with movement coordination.

Another clinical research study shows it can also improve physical endurance and stamina (4). While human studies need to be completed, this positive effect is promising.

The effects of bromantane may also increase the rate of blood flow, thereby increasing oxygen consumption. Some user reviews also say that it may help them recover from physical strain and tension.

Clinical trials show that bromantane works for physical enhancement in extreme conditions. For example, conditions like high environmental temperature have less impact on physical attributes and abilities after taking a Bromantane supplement.

This makes it a promising addition to sports medicine, despite being considered a performance-enhanced drug.

Has Anti-Inflammation Properties

A review of scientific evidence shows that supplementing with Bromantane use can help to reduce inflammation.

One study on rats shows that usage by participants with inflammation caused by depression had lower levels of inflammation (5).

Additionally, the effectiveness of this mechanism may offer resistance to injury and can enhance recovery times from illness.

Most people who commonly use nootropic supplements for overall health are interested in this property because it might decrease pain and a reduction in swelling.

Part of the inflammatory fighting agents may be related to the increase in blood flow. Bromantane administration has the benefit of reducing gene expression as well. Therefore, just a single treatment may reduce inflammatory cytokines.

Not only that, but the reduction in inflammation in the body correlates with a decrease in anxiety, symptoms of depression and may even help with sleep and energy.

Stimulates The Immune System

Another benefit is a boosted immune system, particularly during stressful conditions.

As a result, people report lower development rates of illness and weaker symptoms when they get sick. One reason for this is because it can help with resistance to a toxic effect.

Bromantane also helps to increase the production of immune cells, or B-cell levels (6).

This can help to prevent illnesses that can hinder the improvement of mental health and cognitive abilities. It may also help with the recovery of health and physical capacities.

Some men and women opt to take this supplement as a natural method to increase the function of the immune system during the flu season.

It also shows a lot of promise to optimize immunity and give a physical and mental advantage to those who become sick.

How To Take Bromantane?

There are a couple of different forms of these types of compounds. Bromantane powder form is the most commonly consumed type of supplement. However, it can also come in liquid form as a bromantane solution.

It is best to eat before drug administration to prevent any adverse effects. In addition, women metabolize and absorb this drug faster than men, so it may take very high doses to achieve the same results.

You should avoid taking stimulant smart drugs before bedtime because they can make it difficult to fall or stay asleep.

Not only can it cause insomnia, but a single treatment with bromantane can also cause spontaneous motor activity and stimulated reflexes. In addition, very high doses are more likely to cause overdose and side effects.

Clinical trials also show that it can produce anticholinergic effects in experimental animals, which means it’s good to stack it in combination with a choline source like CDP Choline.


Bromantane dosage can vary between one person and another. Therefore, it is a good idea to start with a low dose and gradually work your way up to higher doses until you reach the effects you desire.

Typically, you will want to start at 25 mg once per day. If low dosages do not work the way you want, you can increase your dose up to 50 mg or begin taking doses twice per day.

Just be sure not to take a dose too late because it can negatively affect sleep and increase energy.

What is The Half-life?

The half-life is 11.2 hours in humans and 7 hours in rats and mice. So, typically, you can expect effectiveness to begin in 30 minutes to an hour.

Then, it will peak a couple of hours after doses and last anywhere between 6 and 10 hours.

Does Bromantane Have Side Effects?

The risk of severe side effects is minor with this nootropic, but some potential side effects are to keep in mind.

Some of the most common side effects include fatigue, depression, anxiety, and confusion. It can also cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and insomnia. Sticking to low doses can help you avoid toxicity.

It is also considered to be non-habit-forming and does a low chance of addiction or withdrawal symptoms. However, if you have previous addiction issues, then you need to take this nootropic with caution.

You should also consult with a medical professional if you are on any medication. Combining nootropic substances with other drugs can enhance the effects or cause negative reactions.

Where To Buy Bromantane?

You can buy bromantane at most nootropic stores online, but it is complicated to find in walk-in retailers because of the FDA’s restrictions.

In addition, there are some significant differences in purity and potency from one vendor to the next. Because of that, we recommend buying bromantane from, the highly reputable and always trusted source.

They always guarantee their claims, and every product is third-party tested to ensure that there are no fillers or contaminants. Finally, their bromantane is some of the most powerful on the market.


According to our bromantane review, it is an attractive option for anybody who wants to boost cognition and physical attributes simultaneously. Also, it can help with recovery and immunity, increase energy, and stimulate alertness.

In addition, it may work best when stacked with other nootropic substances.

Thus, bromantane is a superb choice for athletes and workers looking for a solution for their mental sluggishness and motivation.

While it is unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions, there are some side effects to keep in mind, so it would be best to be careful when starting to use a new compound.

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