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Sietse Wieringa

Dr Sietse Wieringa is a GP in London and Amsterdam and PhD student in EBHC at Oxford University working with Trisha Greenhalgh. He is a member of the Guidelines International Network and a standing committee member at NICE.

The Fundamentals of EBHC

13:30 Wednesday June 21st

There is a growing interest in the guideline developing community on how to evaluate and integrate other types of knowledge besides randomised controlled trials. Especially with current challenges regarding multi-morbidity, rare conditions, complex interventions and person centred care, there is a call for a consideration of the epistemological concepts that underpin EBHC.

In this workshop we would like to explore with you new insights on the nature of valid knowledge, inferring /reasoning when there is no frequency of events and the processes involved in reaching recommendations. We will disicuss several noteworthy developments within the EBHC movement from a philosophy and sociology of science perspective.

We will present recent work from the Appraising and Including Different kinds of knowledge (AID) working group of the Guidelines International Network (GIN) as well as the Knowledge Implementation (KNOWIT) group from the university of Oslo.

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June 19-20 2018