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Margaret McCartney, Andy Oxman & Tracey Brown

Science & Informing the Public
11:00 Tuesday June 19th

Margaret McCartney – 100% safe, 100% bull – why are the public still being misled?
Hello. I am a GP in Glasgow and write for various bits of the media mainly about evidence based medicine; I write regularly for the British Medical Journal, broadcast for Radio 4’s Inside Health, and often for other newspapers and journals. @mgtmccartney
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Andy OxmanTeaching children to assess the trustworthiness of claims and make informed health choices
Claims about what might improve or harm our health are everywhere. Many of these claims are unreliable and many people are unable to distinguish reliable from unreliable claims. This leads to poorly informed choices, unnecessary suffering, and waste. The Informed Health Choices Project aims to address this problem by teaching children and adolescents to think critically about health claims and choices so that, as they grow older, they can make informed personal choices and contribute to informed health policy decisions. In this presentation I will describe work that we have done up to now and plans for future work.

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