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David Tovey – Editor in Chief Cochrane Library with Fiona Godlee

Dissemination of Cochrane Reviews: maximising research Impact to improve healthcare
16:00 Wednesday June 19th

ABSTRACT: Paradigms around evidence synthesis are changing and Cochrane needs to adapt to the changes to ensure its sustainability. There are two main elements to the changes: the first relates to the content that evidence users need to inform decision making, and the second to the emerging science of knowledge translation. In short, we need to ensure that we produce the right evidence and ensure that is delivered, in the right form, at the right time to the key decision makers.

In the presentation, David Tovey will describe Cochrane’s new content development and knowledge translation strategies and explain why it is important they are closely aligned and what they aim to achieve. Each starts with a deep understanding of the needs of end users through active engagement and meaningful dialogue. This leads to thorough appreciation of the relevant question, which in itself guides the choice of data sources and methods. Finally, to achieve optimal impact and improve health care, the evidence needs to be packaged and delivered in ways that evidence users can access and use.

BIO: David Tovey has been Editor in Chief at Cochrane since 2009. He leads the Editorial and Methods Department (EMD) within Cochrane’s Central Executive Team. The EMD team is responsible for the quality and consistency of the Cochrane Library and in particular for Cochrane’s review output, working with an Editorial Board and overseeing 8 Networks, that incorporate Cochrane’s Review Groups. It is also responsible for developing editorial policies, overseeing product development, and providing editorial input to the publishing eco-system. David also oversees the work of Cochrane’s Methods Groups, including the Cochrane Handbooks and the Methods Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR standards).

Before starting at Cochrane, David was Editorial Director in the BMJ Knowledge department, and Editor of Clinical Evidence. Prior to that he was a GP in a group practice in South London.

July 15 - 17 2019
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