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Barbara Osimani – Univpm/LMU, Ancona, Italy

Philosophy of Evidence: Dimensions of Evidence and Criteria for Standards Improvement
14:00 Monday June 18th

Barbara Osimani (Presenting) is Associate Professor at the Polytechnic University of the Marche (Ancona), and Visiting Professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU (Munich). She heads an ERC grant on “Philosophy of Pharmacology: Safety, Statistical Standards, and Evidence Amalgamation”. She published several papers on evidence for drug risk assessment, the precautionary principle, and on medical epistemology.

The ”reproducibility crisis” revealed the need for a deep reflection on current approaches to evidence evaluation and their reliability (Begley and Ellis,2012; Ioannidis, 2005, Prinz et al(2011). Hidden moderators (Hanin, 2017), publication bias and low power have been identified as possible sources for such results (Etz and Vandekerckhove, 2016; Marsman et al. 2017). Instead, some understand the failure of replication simply as a result of random error (Stanley et al. 2014; Senn 2002). Finally, others suggested to adopt a more comprehensive view to the analysis of evidence (Andrew Gelman, 2015; Marsman et al. 2017).

Philosophy of Science and Epistemology can fruitfully complement Statistical knowledge, Epidemiology, and Medical Methodology in analyzing medical evidence from different perspectives. The roundtable intends to offer such an opportunity and to examine the interaction of different dimensions of evidence, such as consistency, reliability, variety with respect to methodology, context of enquiry, and theory.


Jeff Aronson  – Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom
Rani Anjum  – Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Oslo, Norway
Vincenzo Crupi – University of Turin, Turin, Italy
Ralph Edwards – UMC, Uppsala, Sweden
Bennett Holman – Yonsey University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Marie Lindquist – UMC, Uppsala, Sweden
Elena Rocca – Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Oslo, Norway
Ben Smart – University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

July 15 - 17 2019
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